Yogi's Yodelings

My family loves to take tons of pictures of us. Let me know if you like what you see. And if you have pictures of your dogs, I would like to see them as well.

This Pet Star is a great show. When can I get on there and show them what I can do? Hey, mom, where's my soccer ball?

Am I supposed to eat this or attack it? Why is it moving
back and forth and not paying attention to me?

Okay, so they're not professional photographers! But this transposed picture looks cool, doesn't it? Can you see the Christmas tree?

Did you say Agility? I'm loaded with it! There's not a gate that can stop me!

Wait, say that again! Did you say "Wanna go for a walk"?
I'll have to put my other ear up to make sure I heard you right!

I did NOT make this mess1 Why do I always get blamed for
everything around here? Is it because I'm the youngest?

I'm innocent, I tell ya! It was Rocket who pooped in your
flower bed. Look at this face, would I lie?

There's that fire alarm again! Ready, guys? Aaa-oooooohhhh!!!

How about that smile, huh? Think I could do a toothpaste commercial?

Ah, do I want a biscuit? Let me think about that for a milisecond...YES!!





Do any of our canine friends out there have problems with neighbors? Check this out:


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