Obama's fundamental transformation of the US
Part 1 - Social Justice

Obama's affordable education = social justice = lousy work ethics and counter productivity = failed business = the collapse of the economy

Clumping the affordability of education in with the healthcare reform bill is just another way of this administration's push for "social justice".

Social justice is just another way of redistributing wealth, which in turn leads to Marxism, one way to "fundamentally transform the United States of America", as Obama promised he would do.

As a whole, America is a nation of people who believe that God set moral guidelines for us to follow. Our religion tells us that by following rules and living within a certain moral code, it will bring us closer to God.

Playing on this sentiment, Obama and those who helped him include "Education Affordability" in the healthcare bill; tell Americans it is morally right to want to help others acquire a college education. They know if they present it in this manner, some Americans will support the idea.

Americans, myself included, who speak out in opposition of the HCR bill, are labeled racists and bigots. Supporters of the bill will tell them that they just do not want to see poor people get a better education. Either those who support this bill fail to understand what this actually means, or they agree that we should redistribute education to those less fortunate.

What we are speaking out against is the fundamental transformation of the way things used to work in America. When I was growing up, high school students who did well and got good grades, received money from colleges, in the form of scholarships, which helped pay for their education. High school students also worked to save money to have while going to college. This is the basis for good work ethics.

A friend of mine has a daughter who studied hard, did well in school, and when she applied for college, only received a portion of the money needed to complete her education. To make up the difference, my friend's daughter worked while going to school, saved her money and paid for the continuation of her education, herself. When she received her Master's degree, she was then able to secure a good-paying job. She continues to work with the knowledge that hard work pays off.

What is happening today is that the government will tell students that they do not have to worry about studying hard and getting good grades, because the government will take care of their college education.

They are not only redistributing wealth with this education reform, they are enforcing the idea that you do not have to work hard for what you want. It used to be that parents taught their children that if they wanted to succeed in life, they had to work hard in school, work hard at their job, save the money required to buy the things they wanted; in other words "pursue happiness", a fundamental element in the founding of America.

With this 'redistribution of education', the younger generation will move into the work force believing that they can have whatever they want without working for it. This will be the death of good study habits, and good work ethics, which in turn will hurt the economy because these types of employees make it difficult for others to be productive. Employees, who understand about working hard, will have to pick up the slack for these people, and they will become overworked.

What they call Education Reform is really about social injustice, not social justice. Those who get a free ride in education without doing their part will enter the workforce with the same mindset. They will eventually become a burden to those who worked hard to get to the same place. This in turn will have an effect of the companies they work for, and will hinder the productivity of the company as a whole.

When companies fail, it marks the beginning of economical collapse. Is this the "hope and change" we wanted for America?

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