Roman Polanski's lawyers and Whoopie Goldberg agree...
"It wasn't rape, rape!"


Child rapist, Roman Polanski is broke, says his defense attorneys.

His lawyers are asking the CA Court of Appeals to investigate misconduct in Polanski' original trial, the one where he was convicted of raping and sodomizing a young girl. His lawyer claims Polanski cannot pay him, so he wants the case dropped.

Am I mistaken or does the pedophile have a movie out now in theatres? And if he cannot pay, should he have more than ONE lawyer?

His lawyers say the case of their client, the pervert who raped a helpless girl 33 years ago, is an "old sex case and its lengthy delays have been an assault on the state's judicial system."

I guess his lawyers are not concerned with the assault of the little girl, the physical assault of the rape, and the emotional and psychological assault on the girl for the last 33 years.

Who would feel sorry for a 76 year old pedophile who is now under MANSION arrest?

Unlike Whoopie and the rest of loony Hollywood liberals who think that a convicted cop killer snuffing out the life of a police officer, wasn't "murder, murder!", like these dirtbags believe as well:

I think Polanski should go to jail and remain there until he drops dead for what he did.

Next thing we will hear is that Whoopie and Hollywood will be taking up collections for the "Child Rapist Sympathizer Fund".

Only in Hollywood!

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