Rockin' Rocket

Some of these photos are several years old. I bought a digital camera since these photos were taken. But these earlier ones show Rocket's spunky and funny personality.

Where the frack did I put that hambone? I know it's in here somewhere!

Yogi, look, what is that with the light? I don't know, Rocket,
I'm busy watching the other hand with the biscuit in it!

Just give me the treat already.
The blood is rushing to my ears and changing my eye color!

If I have to sit much longer for this photo, I'm gonna have an accident
and I'm not cleaning it up! Click, will ya?

Just pretend you're not paying attention to them eating.
Eventually, they'll drop something and we can grab it!

I'm squinting and sticking my tongue out. I don't care if Mom puts this picture on the Internet!

Hey, you only got my legs in this one! Who taught you how to take pictures?
Oh, well...Ginger Rogers, eat your heart out!

I got this out of the fridge by myself, and you can't have any of it! Get your own!

Hey, I don't like thunderstorms, okay? So just let me stay here a while until the storm passes.

What? Did you say it's time for num-nums? No?!
Well then keep it down, will ya? I'm trying to get some beauty sleep!

Yes, I am on the bed. Is there something I can help you with? If not, off you go!

This photo captures my winning personality! I'm always happy and smiling and ready to rock 'n roll!
(or I'm all hopped up on a sugar treat I stole!)

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