Life in Post-Obama Times

There was a time in America, when citizens were able to enjoy certain aspects of their lives, without any problem.

Now that we have the ACLU, and all those who sit on the edge of their seats, just waiting for you to do or say anything they think is offensive, it is not as easy to enjoy these aspects anymore.  

With free healthcare, free housing, free mortgages, free gas, free schooling, and even free food, I wonder if we can have the things back that we used to have a right to, in Pre-Obama times:

Do we still have the right to believe in the following? 




Do we still have the right to celebrate these holidays for the reasons they were created in the first place?

Can we still eat and drink as much of this stuff as we want? 





Are these still in tact?


Obama's newly transformed America and all his followers, seem to have a problem with all of the above. They either tell us those things aren't real, those things are bad for our health, or people lied to us about what some of those things mean.

I don't really care what Obama and his Crime Inc cronies think. I'm going to celebrate, believe in, and eat and drink, whatever I want.  

If Obama followers have a problem with it, they can contact my representative.