Brad Pitt, atheist of the year?

...but no Academy Award

Recent rumors have led people to believe that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were having problems, mostly because of Pitt smoked hash (or whatever you do with hash) with Quentin Tarantino.

As if this was not enough for me to hear, Pitt was also the seventh nominee for Atheist of the Year in 2009.

What they did not clear up for me, was what trait of Pitt's makes him a nominee for any award? Is it that he wants no religion, or is it he wants pot legalized?

Saying, on the Bill Maher show, (another fine specimen you'd find at the bottom of a petri dish) that if he ran for office, Pitts' platform would be on the 'no religion' and 'pot' platform as well as on the 'gay marriage' platform.

Which is the real reason behind the rumored relationship troubles?

Is it because he's a pothead, a pinhead, or does he have a hankering for prickly petes? 

They also tout Pitt as a humanitarian.

Humanitarian? Give me a break!

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