Paul McCartney made a library joke about Bush

During a concert at the White House, Paul McCartney said:

"After the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is."

Elmo wants to know: "Why didn't Paul spend more time in a library?"

Ifhe would have spent more time here during the sixties,

instead of spendingallhis time on free love and free dope:

maybehe would have known to have one of these written up:

before he did this:

Maybe he can write a new song to the tune of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and call it,

"Heather at the ba-ank with money".

That might help him out financially.

After the divorce, Mills got a lump sum of 16.5m, together with assets of 7.8m.

Now who's the big dum-dum dummy? Time for YOU to hit the books, Paul!

I think he also screwed up a deal and lost the rights to his own songs! WOW!

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