Islamic radical praises killing US civilians

And Mayor Bloomberg says it's okay to build a mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero?


An al Qaida video released today shows Al-Awlaki, the one linked to the suspect in the Ft. Hood slaughter of Americans, justifying killing Americans.

Al-Awlaki is also linked to the radical who attempted to blow up a US jetliner bound for Detroit, last December.

He said in the video, "Those who might be killed in a plane are merely a drop of water in a sea".

Apparently he blames Americans for being in Afghanistan, fighting the war on terror, against those radicals who flew planes in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Speaking of 9/11, plans for a mosque to be built at ground zero in NY, are in the works and may be completed in time for the 10 year anniversary of the day Al-Awlaki's people killed 2, 793 Americans.

Did I mention that Al-Awlaki is a cleric?

He also blames Americans for putting the current administration into office. Do not blame me; I did not vote for Obama.

Yeah, it makes perfect sense to me. How about you?

  2 blocks away  

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