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Go Green on 10-10 or they will kill children??!!

Obama's Socialist America and a Global Governance

Just for Laughs!

And Not So Funny!


Another one of Obama's spiritual advisers!

You ain't gettin' ANY of MY money, honey!

We gonna hafta kill some cracker babies!

Federal Government can do most anything!

Stark is raving mad!

ACLU and SEIU make nice at ICE

Al Gore and Discovery Channel Psycho

Al Sharpton AND Black Panthers threaten 8/28 Rally

Anti Terrorism Czar Making America Less Safe for Americans

Bill Clinton mistakes radical freaks for Tea Partiers

Bill Clinton says to watch your language

Christmas, Neil Armstrong, Veterans Day, and 4th of July back in textbooks

Clinton's TEA party smear campaign starring Rosie O'Donnell

Ground Zero mosque imam trashes America

Healthcare Reform/Volunteerism Act to honor Mary Jo Kopechne's murderer

Hillary Clinton on Israel: WWBD (what would Billy do?)

How to Save Yourself from the Collapsing Economy

Islamic radical praises killing US civilians

Obama's new low - disapproval rating

Paul McCartney makes a library joke about Bush

Pelosi investigates Ground Zero mosque opposition

President of Mexico has a language barrier problem

Time Square bomber's motives

Today Show's Vieira reports the truth about the Tea Party Movement

Washed Up Post trashes all Alcoholics Anonymous members

Why is the NY Times going bellyup?



America in Post-Obama Times

America's going down the toilet with the Potty Parity

Attorney General Holder in the hot seat?

Clinton's first real job as SOS infuriates our biggest ally

Criminal-in-Chief Obama and Crime Inc pass Wall Street reform bill

Daddy Obama, have you ____ yet?

Elena Kagan ...just when you thought things couldn't look any worse

Helen Thomas - Anti-Semitism in Journalism

Michelle Obama's misguided fight against fat for Philly

Obama and FCC radicals attempt to take over of the Internet

Obama's closing Gitmo one terrorist at a time

Obama says 'you've made enough money'

Obama's fundamental transformation of the US Part 1 - Social Justice

Obama's fundamental transformation of the US - Part 2 - Economical Justice

Obama's fundamental transformation of the US - Part 3 - Ecological Justice

Obama's Magical Apology Tour

Obama on the move with the Tea Party

Obama says snow further proof of global warming

Pelosi heckled by CodePink

Pelosi sees violence in Tea Party Movement

Ronald Reagan and Socialized Medicine

Social Justice - a lesson of my own

Socialism in America with ACORN and Obama

SOS Clinton' s clueless about Israel, but Billy cares

Tax Amnesty for Tim Geithner

Thanks to Hillary Clinton Afghani President Karzai...wants to join the Taliban