New Year's Resolutions
The end of 2010 is drawing near A new year will arrive Time to work on resolutions I made back in 2005 I won't be angry with my teen For skipping out on chores I'll stay calm, cool, and collected As he slams all the doors I won't get upset if he stays out late or when he forgets to call I'll sit quietly by and listen While he bounces that darn basketball I resolve to stop nagging if he forgets to take out the trash I will just remind him nicely, trying not to be brash. If he plays his drums all day and night Or his radio in volume overload I will just remind him to turn it down before my head explodes I promise to quit complaining I will remember to think twice If I start to lose my temper I promise to be nice Wait, can I promise to do all this I'm sure I've promised before Maybe I'd better wait until he turns at least 24
© 2010 muldrake

Quests in Life
God sends us on a quest in life,
to learn and grow without toil or strife

We go through life on many quests
to reach these goals, we never rest

As babies our quest to crawl and walk
is reached as is our quest to talk

At the start of school, we wish to learn
a different quest at every turn

We reach graduation a quest begins
to work and strive finding comfort within

We marry and as partners quest
to fill our needs, a union blessed

We become parents and strive to excel
to raise our children happy and well

Our children grow, we hope they find
a quest to strive for in good time

We grow older our quests near an end
We quest to find God and go home again
© 2009 muldrake

There Among the Stars
I heard when loved ones leave us
It was 'their time to go' 
I never really quite believed this,
But now I think it's so.

Someone told a story once
About the stars above.
They said that stars are made up of 
The souls of those we love.

They said they never really leave.
They watch over us all.
They cheer when we succeed in life,
And catch us when we fall.

I hope that in a time of grief,
When you have to say “Adieu”
You'll look up at the sky and feel
your loved one's watching you
© 2000 muldrake