LOST; Episode; Character: Scene

The amazing LOST television show is now in its last season, and fans such as myself look forward to the answers to the many questions we have about the mysteries of the island.

Last summer, I purchased all five seasons of LOST on DVD and my family and I began watching it again, from beginning to end.

Sometimes, while watching shows I enjoy, I will see a scene which is either very amusing or very scary, and fortunately we live in a world we where can pause and rewind live TV, I am able to go back and watch the scene as many times as I want in the course of one episode.

The following two scenes have been a few of the memorable scenes so far. They are not really shock and awe moments, they are two scenes that if you blinked, you would miss.

Season 6 Episode 9 "Ab Aeterno"   

This episode, centers around the character, Richard Alpert, and it is the story of how he came to the island.  

Character: Hurley

A little background on Hurley's special ability; he can speak to the dead who appear to Hurley to ask for his help, sort of like Ghost Whisperer, except that Hurley either knows the spirit, or someone connected to the spirit.

Scene: Lostpedia

Planning to go after him, Ilana loads her rifle but is interrupted by Jack, who says Richard has lost his mind and that if he cared about what Jacob said he wouldn't be talking about listening to someone else. Jack asks who Richard means to talk to. Sun explains that he means Locke. When

Jack says Locke is dead, Ben explains that it is not "exactly" Locke.

While this conversation is going on, suddenly Hurley is standing away from the others and appears to be talking to himself.  

This screen shot of the episode was about 10 seconds into Hurley's conversation with the 'spirit' of Richard Alpert's dead wife.

If you look closely, the only person who appears to suddenly notice him, is Jack, the man standing on the far left of the photo.

If you are a fan of LOST, you will appreciate this because Hurley's is one of LOST fan's favorite 'survivors', with a childlike naivety, with a host of funny one-liners.


Season 6 Episode #7 Dr. Linus

Character: Ben Linus

  A vengeful Ilana aims her rifle at Ben. Ilana suddenly appears, aims her rifle at Ben and orders him to walk. She marches him at gunpoint to the crash victims' cemetery and attaches him to a nearby tree by his ankle with a restraining cable and foot iron she has made. She hands him a shovel and demands he dig his own grave. Ben slowly starts to dig with Ilana guarding him at a distance.

They periodically show Ben digging the hole. When the commercial break is over, we see this scene.

I didn't really pay much attention, because LOST is filmed on location in Hawaii, and the scenes are always breathtaking.  

  Then a split second later we see dirt flying into the air and Ben's head poking up out of the hole he has been digging.

The red arrow shows the line of dirt and the green arrow shows the top of Ben's head. I thought this was hysterical and had to rewind it a few times before continuing with the episode.

For LOST fans, do you have favorite scenes from this season? I'm going to be posting my favorites from all seasons periodically before the series finale.