LOST: 4...8...15...16...23...42

...what do these numbers mean?

I don't want to do too much searching about LOST because I do not want to know what is coming on tonight's episode.  

Rumors have it that this episode will explore Hurley's 'flash-sideways'. Last week in the preview of tonight's episode, they show Michael who was supposed to have died when the freighter he was on, blew up.

  Since Hurley can see and talk to dead people, he is probably talking to the dearly departed Michael.

  I hope they explain Hurley's lottery numbers tonight. The story so far is that Hurley was in a mental institution after suffering a breakdown. He broke down over guilt for causing what he believes was the collapse of a pier he was standing on, that killed several people.

  While in the institution, Hurley met a man who did not say much except for a series of numbers, which he repeated over and over again: 4...8...15...16...23...42.

  Hurley left the institution and played the lottery using those numbers. He won about 150 million dollars, but the money brought nothing but bad luck for him. His grandfather died, and the brand new house he bought for his mother burned up in a fire. After purchasing the fast food chicken restaurant he bought, a meteorite fell from the sky, demolishing the restaurant, killing the reporter who came to cover the story.  

On the island, we see Hurley's numbers on a hatch seconds before the survivors of the plane crash, plan to blow the cover off the hatch, to see if there is a safe place to hide from the "Others."

  After the survivors go down into the hatch, we see Desmond again, who met Jack Shepard briefly three years earlier, off-island. Desmond tells them that someone must enter the numbers 4...8...15...16...23...42, into the computer every 108 minutes. He tells them if they do not enter the numbers, everyone will die.

  In this, the final season of LOST, we see Hurley's numbers again, each number corresponding to a name of one of the survivors. Jacob, who is the 'good guy' on the island, tells Hurley that the survivors with numbers next to their names are candidates. They are candidates for becoming the one to replace Jacob, to keep the 'bad guy' trapped on the island. As Jacob says, no one can allow the 'bad guy' to leave the island to release his evil on the world.

  I hope they reveal the significance of Hurley's numbers, to us tonight. It appears they are giving us some answers to all the mysteries, but at the same time, they are raising more questions.

  Besides the numbers also want to know why Hurley has the ability to see and talk to dead people. Another person on the island, Miles, who was born on the island, but left as a small child, can communicate with dead people, but his ability is limited. Miles can only hear the dead tell him how they died.

  With all the craziness of the episode last week going on with Desmond Hume, I think I understand his story more than I understand any of the others. I have read all the theories on the Internet, and I do not know which one is what is really going on.

  However, I do think that the flashbacks, the present time on the island for the survivors, and the new flash-sideways, are all either alternate realities or the consequences of time travel.

  I do hope that they explain everything from the most important events to the tiniest details of the mysteries of the island. I want to know how the survivors connect to each other, and I hope that as some people theorize that they are not really dead and living in the after-life.   I have always suspected that they were all part of an experiment, like rats in a maze.

They touched on this theory a few seasons back when one character, John Locke, who was convinced that they were on the island for a reason, began to believe otherwise.   I also think that the hatch and the fact that someone had to put Hurley's numbers into the computer every 108 minutes, the total sum of the numbers, in order to "save the world", will have something to do with the alternate realities or the time travel.  

What do you want most to find out about the survivors of flight 815, and about Hurley?

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