LOST without Jin, Sun, and Sayid...Why kill them off?

I had to wait before writing something about the last episode of LOST, because I was so angry at the turn of events that took place last Tuesday night on the episode entitled, "The Candidate".

The writers of LOST waited until April 20 to reunite Sun and Jin Kwon, who were apart since the Season 4 episode where Sun believed her husband died when the freighter blew up.

Then just two weeks later, they kill off both Sun and Jin in the present timeline, on the island.

During the episode that aired on May 4, they both drown in the sinking submarine.

This shocking scene came just minutes after another central character, Sayid Jarrar, sacrificed himself to save the others by blowing himself up with the bomb meant to kill all of the survivors on the submarine.

Speaking of Sayid, did anyone else notice that the character of Sayid lost his original accent in the scene where he is explaining the mechanisms of the bomb? It sounded like his normal speaking voice to me. Was that a blooper or was I just hearing things?

  Add that to the fact that we do not know the fate of everyone's favorite airline pilot, John Lapidus, played by Jeff Fahey, who has become synonymous with snappy answers and great one-liners, and you make for one crazy episode with no rhyme or reason that I can see.

What makes this especially irritating, is the fact that the writers chose to keep the character of Claire hanging around on the island. Her purpose ended when they killed off Charlie.  

I was afraid that this might happen with the last season of what has to be the cleverest drama to come along in years.

  I hope they are not leaning towards making it common practice to kill off their main characters each week, so that no explanation is needed for any of their purpose on the island.

  It appears that they added too many different elements to the original storyline, and with this being the last season, they do not have time to answer all the questions and solve all the mysteries.  

It looks like they will kill them off instead of explaining any of it. My original thought was that in what they are dubbing the "flash-sideways" scenes, that all of the survivors would somehow wind up back on a plane and end it before revealing whether the plane crashed back on the island or not.

  They have managed to produce too many loose ends for it to end satisfactorily for loyal fans. If they continue killing off main characters, once Jack, Sawyer, or John Locke go, the show might as well end early.

They have already changed the personalities of the survivors from what they were in the beginning, and I am not thrilled about the changes.  

At least I have the DVD's of the first five seasons to watch if this ends badly. I would like to know what other LOST fans thought of last week's episode, because I am a huge fan of the show, and I am upset with what happened last week.  

Are you LOST?