ABC loses LOST and dumps Flash Forward

With LOST's series finale coming this Sunday, I was disappointed to learn that ABC has now cancelled Flash Forward.  

A show about everyone in the world blacking out for less than 2 minutes, and getting a vision of the future while they were 'out', was a neat concept, I thought.  

I thought the last 3 or 4 episodes were the best thus far, and they brought in a new fascinating character, based on the Rainman character, who began to give the star of the show, an FBI agent, clues into what was coming.

  Presumably because of American Idol auditions also appearing on Thursdays in the beginning of the season, ABC  decided to pre-empt Flash Forward until Idol returned to Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

  I think that may have cost them some viewers, but I thought the show got better after the break.

  Rumors of a second 'black-out' looming, leads me to wonder whether next Thursday night's season finale, will answer all the questions.

  Or will it leave it up in the air, as they did so many shows in the past.

  They did it to Cane starring Jimmy Smits, and with Reunion and The Nine. I think the least they can do, if they are going to cancel a show, is to give it a decent ending.

  Are you a fan of Flash Forward? What do you think?

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