Extreme Leftists in Hollywood

Maj. Sidney Freedman, the psychiatrist on M*A*S*H played by the brilliant actor Alan Arbus, used to utter this line: "Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice, pull down your pants, and slide on the ice!"

I used to think the character was only trying to find humor in the chaos of the war, but I think he may actually have been trying to relay a message to those like the celebrities in Hollywood. I think he was trying to say, roll up your sleeves and find out what it is you are actually shooting your mouth off about, and maybe people will listen.

When it comes to Hollywood, there are many who are willing to lend their services for a cause they supposedly believe in, when in reality they are merely trying to promote themselves.

Take, for instance, the videos that circulated before September 11, 2009. Barack Obama decided to take a day of remembrance and mourning into a day to 'serve' or volunteer instead. The celebrity leftists tripped over themselves to promote this propaganda.

To them, I would also like to borrow a line from the Katy Perry song, "Shut up, and put your money where your mouth is!"

The reason I say this is that many of the actors and artists in these promotional videos, probably make more money in one year than the average American will make in twenty. It is a nice idea to help those less fortunate, but for some, like the 25% of Philadelphians who live below the poverty level, volunteering to help them is not enough. These families need food, money, shelter, and clothing, not someone to help them mow their lawn, or clean up their street. The people in these videos should get out their checkbooks and start signing their names.

Oprah Winfrey is the perfect example of someone who needs to do less 'talk' on her show, and more action. She started a school in an impoverished area so that young girls could get an education they could not otherwise afford, and that was a nice gesture.

However, Oprah has other options if she wants to help people, without publicizing it every chance she gets. While holding the distinction of "the richest woman in the world", she could use some of her money to feed and clothe the entire town where she built the school, maybe the entire continent, for quite some time.

She gives away cars and houses, and other extravagances on her show. However, do people who can afford to buy tickets to the show, airfare to get to the show, and hotel accommodations, need these things more than the poorest of the poor in America, need shelter and food? I do not think so.

We hear stories all the time about actors who are going bankrupt because they claim they received bad advice from their accountants. You may actually feel sorry for them, until you find out what they have to sell to break even. They own houses in every country, more cars than they can drive in a month, and private jets to take them wherever they want to go. After hearing that, we no longer feel sorry for them.

If the socialist view of "share the wealth" comes to fruition as the current administration in America is saying it will, does that mean we can borrow one of Barbra Streisand's private jets to fly food to children in India, children forced to eat garbage out of the sewers, just to survive? Will Simon Cowell or Michael Vick share the millions they make for judging singing competitions or for playing football after serving time for murdering dogs? Will they give it to us, to use for building houses for families who lost everything due to a natural disaster?

When the elite Hollywood liberals start sharing what they have, instead of what they have to say, maybe we will actually care what they think and start listening to them. I doubt any of them would share anything with anyone, even at gunpoint if it was not going to boost their career, so why are they telling us what to do?

They are doing it to further their careers, to draw attention to themselves like spoiled brats who needs to be the center of attention. Let them hold their breaths until their faces turn blue.

The average American sees through them for the shallow people they really are. We can see right through the hype, and are not buying any of it. Take out your checkbook and start giving something that will do some good for those who need it.