Academy Awards, Streisand, and a whole lot of hurt locker

Sitting through the unbearably long Academy Awards presentation last month, was worth seeing Barbra Streisand's face as Kathryn Bigelow thanked the US troops for the service after accepting the award for Best Director of "The Hurt Locker".

The diva's reaction was bittersweet for a number of reasons, but mainly it was good to see one of the biggest phonies in Hollywood revealed for what she truly is, a loudmouth who is full of hot air.

Barbra Streisand passes herself off as one who is concerned about the environment, yet uses private jets and dozens of tour busses when she goes on tour. That cannot be good for anybody, least of all, for the environment.

Barbra Streisand also passes herself off as an advocate for the Women's Rights Movement. The expression on Streisand's face as Kathryn Bigelow accepted the Oscar as the first women to receive the Best Director Award was priceless.

Those who see Streisand for the phony she is received an extra bonus when Kathryn Bigelow thanked the US troops for their service to their country. While I did not see The Hurt Locker because of rumors that it painted our military in a bad light, I jumped for joy as the anti-war phony expressed her distaste in her face.

Barbra Streisand thanks the anti-war crowds for 'their service to the country' for being part of the radical lunatic fringe. To boost sales of her disastrous CD that contained anti-war rants, she should be doing more than thanking people. She could try groveling.

Ironically, Streisand lost the Academy Award for Best Picture, as director and producer, for The Prince of Tides. Having only won Oscars for the best actress in a comedy/musical, and for original song, one can only wonder what went through her mind as Kathryn Bigelow stole the distinction of "the first woman" away from her.

Memories of this event will sting for years to come and if Barbra Streisand wants to salvage any modicum of dignity, maybe she should go back to the way she was and play the funny girl, because raining on Bigelow's parade proves what a big fat phony she really is.

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