Another Season of AI Over!

Friday May 28, 2004

Let's see...Big Surprise! Fantasia's the new American Idol! Yeah, like we didn't see that coming months ago!

Well, I guess I'm through talking about Fantasia. Because I didn't like her and didn't want her to win, I've been called tone-deaf, blind (?), racist, oh and this one's my personal favorite, skin-deaf! Anyone want to venture a guess as to what that means? Anyway, some ignoramus wrote that in my guestbook. It must be nice to know a second language. :)

I just hope next year will be more like the 2nd season. The best part of the final show, for me, was the 12 finalists singing together. Anyone shocked that Simon hated it? Guess he didn't want to see Stan Laurel, Jay Leno, the Pen Salesman, or Hawaii's sweetheart again. But then who really cares what Simon wants? I'm just glad it's over!

Could Someone Get Me a Translator?

Clive says: "mm..grr..sss.." WHAT??
photo by The Celebrity Portal

Was it just my ears or was Clive Davis hard to understand last night on American Idol? I offered my kids a dollar if they could make out 5 words in a row that he said. They couldn't. What the heck did he say? Is it just because he's old or has he always talked like that? They should have had a translator for him. I liked the look on the contestants' faces, because they didn't know what he said either. How totally useless was he?

When Ryan talked to Jasmine after her performance, she should have said, "What did Mr. Davis say?"

And how about Simon? How proud is he of himself? The media is so obsessed with Jasmine not being voted off, and Simon has to sarcastically remark about Fantasia needing a 'sympathy vote'. Does that 50-something year old man need to grow up or what? Then he makes a total jackass out of himself by telling Diana that she should write Clive Davis a thank you note for giving her a place in the finals. Have I been watching the wrong competition? Hasn't Diana been in the finals for WEEKS now?!

Besides, the notes Diana reached and held on that "Don't Cry Out Loud" song were notes that none of the other contestants, the remaining or the booted-off ones, would be able to reach if they stood on a ladder. Who are they trying to kid?

The judges are supposed to be so knowledgeable, yet they don't get that what they did last night could win Jasmine a spot tonight again. I personally think she has a nice voice. I think Fantasia is a screamer, not a singer, and Diana should win. She has proven that even when the judges and Mr. Mush-Mouth give her songs that they think she won't be able to pull off, she comes through like a winner.

I particularly liked Randy's comments about Whitney Houston. Jasmine should have said that if she snorted coke like Whitney, maybe she'd sing more like her. :P

All these cries of racism, what do you think people are saying about Randy's behavior? Why is he allowed to be so blatantly obvious? I knew before the contestants' finished their songs, that Simon, Paula, and Randy were going to LOVE Fantasia, criticize Jasmine, and let Diana know that she was just okay. What a joke this whole thing is!

Jon Peter Lewis, John Stevens, and George Huff!
Simon Calls Them "The Pen Salesman, The Red-haired Boy, and The Old Man"


I call them "The Three That Got Away!"

Now Latoya!

The lady Simon says has no personality! Simon, you're a jackass!

Jon Peter Lewis
The Pen Salesman

Photo Courtesy of American Idol on Fox

Hey, Quentin! POWERHOUSE? It's ONE word, not TWO!

If you don't believe me, check the dictionary:

powerhouse - n 1: a highly energetic and indefatigable person
courtesy of

Am I a Geek?!

Toothless Tarantino called me a Geek!

Oh, and one more thing from the genius Quentin: I was rewinding a tape looking for an episode of 24. I tape all the episodes of 24 to watch over again, until I buy the DVD when it comes out. Anyway, I realized that I had the AI show on tape when Quentin T. was guest judge, because my son had a game that night. Besides the other stupid things he said, Mr. Quentin also told John Stevens" "I have to tell you, I'm not a fan, but..."

Tell me again like I'm a six-year-old what purpose he served being guest judge. Being the parent of two impressionable pre-teens, I wouldn't let them see one of his movies if it was free admission and he paid me money to see it, let alone have my children value his opinion in any way, shape, or form. The only thing I know him from anyway is that I think he's the brother of the guy who played Martinez on NYPD Blue.

The other guest judges were okay, but why were they there in the first place? Did what they said about the contestants matter any more than what the usual simpleton judges said? A big fat 'NO!", according to the results of the last few AI votes.

Simon Says:

Pen Salesman...That is how Simon Cowell, one of the judges on American Idol, described what Jon Peter Lewis looked like to him. The only thing I like about that is that it will help people to remember what a jackass Simon Cowell is. Jon Peter Lewis might have been voted off American Idol this week, but we will hear from him again.

It isn't just the singing I judge contestants on. I loved Jon's video with his family. It was real, they're normal people. I liked George's and Jasmine's family videos also. The others were fake and set up.

As for Simon Cowell, for his sake, American Idol should stay on the air for a while. Because no one had ever HEARD of Simon Cowell before that show, and no one will hear from him when there is no more American Idol.

You do not HAVE to have a great singing voice to be a contestant on American Idol. Those of us who have been watching know that to be true. However, Jon Peter Lewis already has a following. He will have a singing career. He has a unique voice and he did a great job singing songs from the stupid categories American Idol came up with.

Imagine if Olivia Newton John, who has the voice of an angel, had been a contestant on American Idol and she had to sing Motown. Would Simon say she was out of her league and should pack her bags and go home?

Jon Peter Lewis was picked as a wild card to come back. But so was Clay Aiken, so Jon should consider himself to be in a very special group. I believe the wild card picks were brought back because of the pouring in of letters from viewers demanding that they be brought back.

Clay was a crowd-pleaser and a fan favorite from the beginning of the second season, and the same holds true for Jon Peter Lewis this year. That alone, will sell records. Not Simon's stupid comments, and not being voted off of American Idol.

I've lost interest now in the show, and from what I have seen, so have a lot of others. Who cares who wins? The girls all sound the same. They could all sing the same song, and no one would notice it wasn't the same person. I hope that John Stevens and George Huff make it to the top. They also have very distinct sounds. If musical success came down to what Simon thought, Luther Vandross and Harry Connick, Jr. wouldn't be around today. Thank goodness that isn't true.

A good example of how Simon Cowell makes a fool of himself week after week: Last night when they announced the 3 contestants with the fewest votes, he said something about the audience voting on the age/maturity of the contestants. Then we saw the two 16-year olds return to the stage, and the 23 year old leave the show. He tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about, with the perfect English and all, but in reality, he doesn't have a clue.

In my opinion, a different crowd watched Wednesday's American Idol. The usual people who watch and call in on its normal night, Tuesday, must have forgotten it was on, or they were watching something else.

As for the other judges, they're not much better. Randy says what he thinks will sound 'hip' or 'cool' or whatever the word is now. Then Paula just agrees with everything Randy says, only she words it differently thinking we won't notice. She had one big hit, largely because of the characters in the cartoon video that ran with the song. What would she know about pitch, singing, ... blah, blah, blah.

And Quentin T? Who's bright idea was it to have him on the show as a guest judge? No other guest judge made anything but decent comments to the contestants. This guy sounded like a big clown. He's not in the music business. However, being in the music business doesn't seem to help the regular judges know what sounds good and what doesn't.

Why that message for Quentin T at the top? I wouldn't have made a big deal of it, except for the way he said it. Then Ryan repeated it on Thursday night. He said, "Quentin said he had TWO words for one of the contestants." Then he said POWERHOUSE! What a dope! I'll bet "The Pen Salesman" knows powerhouse is ONE word!

Oh, and by the way, toothless,
John Denver made a multi-million dollar singing career out of being a geek!
His fans enjoyed every minute of it!

Anyone Care What Elton John thinks?
He's the one crying because people are downloading his songs for hoo...I feel so sorry for this gazillionaire!

This week's American Idol 'uprising' is so ridiculous. There are even cries of racism.

Hello??? Am I watching the same show? Last week, when JPL was voted off, was that racism? Some of the contestants have to go, no matter what 'race' they are.

Jennifer has the best voice of the women on the show and should still be a contestant. However, all of these 'outraged' people should have voted. Who can they blame but themselves?

As far as the judges opening their mouths about this sudden outcry of 'fixed' votes, if I recall, Simon was not that crazy about Jennifer and never really gave her the credit she deserved. Her performance of Elton John's Circle of Life was incredible. I do not remember what Simon said about it, but he never really sides with a contestant who makes it into the top until he sees that it is going to happen, and that no matter what criticizms he gives, America votes them in anyway.

To tell contestants who they remind him of, instead of just judging their performance, proves he is just being obnoxious and he shows America that he is not judging them on their performance, as they claim we should be.

With Clay outselling Reuben in record sales, I'm surprised people aren't hollering "Foul!" Who's to blame for that? Give me a break!

Gloria Estefan and the Final Six Contestants

Here's what I think about the contestants' performances of Gloria Estefan's songs.

For once, I agreed with ALMOST everything the judges said last night. I thought that Diana's performance of "Turn the Beat Around" was the best of the bunch. I have to admit that I did not care for Diana in the beginning. Since the Movie Song night, I have become a fan. Not many people can sing that Celine Dion sing from "Titanic". It's just that kind of song. I thought Diana did a wonderful job and shined above the rest.

On Elton John, Diana once again did it for me. Her rendition of "I'm Still Standing", was better than the rest of the contestants. I have to tell you that I have been a huge fan of Elton John's for over 30 years, and I am a harsh critic of anyone who remakes songs from my favorites. The only remake I have ever liked of anyone's song was "Turn the Beat Around" by Gloria Estefan, originally sung by Vicki Sue Robinson. And I thought Diana could do another remake of that song.

I'm also a big fan of Barry Manilow's and I did't care for most of the performances of his songs. Jennifer did okay, but not half as good as she had been in previous weeks. I like George Huff, but I wished he would have sung a different song.

Here's my question: If there are vocal experts or coaches working with the contestants behind the scenes on the songs they are going to perform, why don't they tell the contestants what the judges say to them. Why don't they let the contestants know that 'this song is not for you', 'this song was safe', 'you could have done better', and on and on and on.

That leads to my next question. Who picks the stupid categories the contestants have to pick a song from? If someone 60 years ago had asked Frank Sinatra to do 'The Conga', and then told him that his musical career would depend on how well he did the song, what would have become of 'Ol Blue Eyes? If Diana Ross had been told to sing John Denver's Thank God I'm a Country Girl, how would that have sounded? If, instead of White Christmas, Rosemary Clooney had sung "Stayin' Alive", would we know her for something other than being George Clooney's aunt today? You get the idea.

As far as the judges, I thought the comments were directed towards Barry Manilow's music as well as the contestants' performances. Goes to verify what I've been saying since the beginning; that the judges don't know JACK!

Speaking of Jack:

Kiefer Sutherland photo courtesy of 24 on Fox

I think Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Federal Agent Jack Bauer on 24, could be a contestant this season. He has a great speaking voice. I think he would have a wonderful singing voice. What about something like this?

"At the Copa, Copacabana, the hottest...WHERE'S THE BOMB????!!!!!!! north of Havana...
WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!! the Copa, Copacabana....I'M GONNA NEED A HACKSAW. . . "

I'm gonna need more than a hacksaw to cut through all the BS and doubletalk surrounding Season Three of American (yawn) Idol!

Oh, and as a side note, no offense to her but I can't get the nightmarish image of Fantasia jumping around on stage screeching the words of "It's a Miracle". It was not pleasant and hard to shake. I don't think I'll be able to listen to that song again and not see that fiasco! But the judges; the dawg, the old bag, and the stuffed-shirt liked her, so she's safe. Hey, if everybody else can use labels, so can I!

Moreover, I do not know how much truth there is to this, but I read on a message board that Fantasia called her family after last week's show and told them that ALL of the contestants were glad that John Stevens was voted off. She was quoted as saying that, "It was hard to do the skits because John Stevens was uncoordinated and didn't have any rhythm." Now isn't that special? Viewers are voting for an American Idol backstabber with a big mouth! I don't care how good people think she is, I want her booted off next week!

John Stevens
The Next Harry Connick, Jr

Photo Courtesy of American Idol on Fox

Before I start ranting, I need to wonder why everyone who has written an article about John Stevens has referred to him as 'the redhead' or the 'red-haired kid'. Is that racist? And now I read a comment someone wrote and referred to Jasmine as the 'hawaiian'. Last time I checked, Hawaii was part of the United States. Is that racist? Well, enough of that.

Now that John Stevens has been voted off of American Idol, will anyone have ANYTHING to complain about?

Doesn't it seem a bit too coincidental that just after we hear that John Stevens received a death threat, and after also hearing whiners claim that American Idol is racist, John Stevens gets the boot.

I believe that the callers do not have the last vote. American Idol producers could not risk having something happen to John Stevens after everyone on the show last week, Seacrest included, made it painfully obvious who they thought SHOULD have been gone LAST week. Add that to losing 15% of the black households that watch the show, and what do you have? Executive producers running scared. The result? John Stevens is gone.

No one was all that surprised, including John himself. But he has nothing to worry about. My daughter is a music major at an Ivy League College. Her main instrument is her voice. That is John's main instrument. Not his cute smile, his red hair, or his winning personality. The boy can sing. When I asked my daughter if she thought she would like to try out for American Idol, she laughed and told me that it is the biggest joke at school. If you have it, you have it, you do not need some prissy, stuffy, miserable judge calling you names and offending you on national television. John Stevens does not need American Idol.

If you go by what our kids are listening to today, including the skanky Britney Spears and the talentless rappers, I'm surprised John made it as far as he did. I was shocked Clay made it to the runner-up spot last year.

Now that there is no 'conspiracy' and there is no more 'controversy', how boring will the rest of the American Idol season be?

And as far as Elton John's comments about racism; I wonder what he is saying now. Or is he too busy tracking down those 'bad' people who download his songs for free on the Internet. Once a whiner, always a whiner, I suppose!

However, Americans need not whine anymore. The one the judges, the producers, and SOME of America wanted voted off, is finally gone.

However, if I were John's parents I would sue Simon Cowell for liable, slander, defamation of character, and anything else I could slap on that simpleton whose name was never uttered until American, yes, Simon, American Idol! The insults he threw at John Stevens week after week, talking about the way he looked, who he looked like, and the other derrogatory remarks aimed at a 16 year old was disgraceful. His parents should sue the Executive Producers for allowing or coaching Simon to do it each and every week.

Bye for now, John! See you on the record charts!

George Huff
The Next James Ingram

Photo Courtesy of American Idol on Fox

I guess the old saying, "Nice Guys Finish Last", doesn't hold true anymore. The last of the 'nice guys' on American Idol has been voted off. Borrowing a phrase from 'Mrs. Seinfeld', "How could ANYONE not love him?" He seemed like such a nice guy, not in a phony way, but genuine. The contestants that are left are so full of themselves. Their egos show through their interviews and clips. I don't agree with Simon that there are a few left in the running who are in a different league. They are all about the same. They just do better with certain songs.

George has a unique, sultry sound to his voice. So does Luther Vandross and James Ingram. I would like to have heard George sing "You Are My Lady" or "Just Once". When we first found out that he was in the room that wasn't moving forward, I couldn't believe it. He was so much better than the others in the room with him. I thought they made a mistake.

I loved George's performance of "Take Me To The Pilot". I thought he showed another side of him that he was fearful of showing, because of the big bad Simon Cowell. He says such stupid things sometimes. But I guess that's what keeps viewers tuned in. He's like the villain on a Soap Opera that everyone loves to hate. I just hate him, period!

If George is so inclined, he will make it in the music business. However, seeing what fame does to people, I hope that he comes out of it unscathed. I hope that he doesn't lose that schoolboy charm. We will definitely be hearing from him again.

And before you go accusing me of having no one to blame but myself because I didn't vote for George, I'd like to say that I did get through numerous times to cast my vote for him. Unfortunately, it turned out differently than I had hoped. Shame on you, AI viewers! You goofed big time!

Yes, George! There is stardom beyond Simon Cowell!

George Huff for President!

What? No Super Freaks?

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I hear that 'Disco Night' is coming. How many of AI's female viewers want to see any of the girls perform Donna Summer's "Love to Love Ya, Baby"? The producers need some new ideas. All we're going to hear are bad impersonations of Donna Summers. From what I've been reading and hearing, the two finalists will be Fantasia and Latoya no matter who votes, so why bother?

Seeing as how the performers that dominated the disco scene were male, ie: The Bee Gees, it should be almost as boring as having Quentin Tarantino back for another night of insightful critiques. :P

Wednesday, May 13th

Hey, where was Simon's "Donald Duck on Helium" performing "Disco Duck"?

I thought they all sucked last night except for Diana. Where was "On the Radio" or "Heaven Knows", or "Last Dance"? I thought for sure someone would do at least one of those. "Dim All the Lights" would have been a toughy, in my opinion, because the only one that could hold the long note in that song is Diana, and she didn't need help.

I have to admit that I liked Disco when it first came out, but it went on for waaaayyyy too long! I always liked Donna Summer, though. I still enjoy listening to her songs. That was until last night's American Idol.

Reducing Jasmine to tears was totally uncalled for last night, especially given the lousy performances of the other two, Latoya and Fantasia. Jasmine may get the votes for that reason alone. I think she stood her own ground with Latoya and Fantasia this time.

Would someone please tell Simon that 'HAWAII IS PART OF THE UNITED STATES?

I don't like Fantasia, never have, and I may be one of the few old enough to remember that 'Knock on Wood' is an oldies' song. I don't recall hearing it during the disco era, but that could just be senility setting in.

Anyone notice that this week, and this week only, Paula agreed with everything Simon said. Gee, wonder why? Did they do that to confuse Paula or what? She doesn't need to be anymore confused than she normally is. She's useless as a critic. I think the bottom two should be Fantasia and Jasmine, with either one of them leaving. I'm not sure if Jasmine will go tonight, though, if and only because of how the judges upset her.

Just my opinion!

AI's Ratings Booster - Latoya Gone!

Latoya London
One classy lady with a dynamic voice!

Photo Courtesy of American Idol on Fox

Thursday, May 14th

Oh, my! I said yesterday that it could happen, and maybe it did. Latoya is gone, what a shocker! Maybe because of what the judges did to Jasmine Tuesday night, votes went her way. It's anyone's guess what happened.

Although I am shocked and disappointed that Latoya is gone, I have to say that I was not shocked to see Fantasia in the bottom two. I would not have felt bad if Fantasia had been voted off. I don't think she's a match for Diana the way that girl has been performing these past few weeks.

Did anyone notice that neither Fantasia or Latoya seemed surprised to be in the bottom two? Diana and Jasmine certainly were. Did the "divas" know something the viewers did not? Did American Idol offer the "diva" to take a "dive-a" in exchange for a guaranteed recording contract? Did they do so just to keep the show interesting?

I think it's a possibility given how boring the whole show's been compared to the controversy and the juicy rumors surrounding Jennifer's departure and the heat poor John Stevens took for weeks. I might have missed it, but did Ryan announce how many people called in Tuesday night? Did a ton less call in than in previous weeks due to low ratings?

When asked what she thought, Paula "Airhead" Abdul said that America got it wrong. I think the judges have no one to blame but themselves for Latoya being gone and Jasmine remaining. They made it impossible for people to vote Jasmine off, whether they liked her or not, because of what they did to her after Tuesday's performances.

Regardless, last night's bombshell will make for great headlines today. (I haven't searched for them yet, but I know they'll be there!)

I am sorry Latoya's gone. I think she has more talent than Fantasia. She also has some things Fantasia does not have. Latoya had grace, poise, and a humble view of herself, in my opinion. She is a lady with a powerful voice and she will be successful, whether it is on her own or with the help of American Idol's tactics to spruce up the show.

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