Glenn Beck's delivers commencement speech at Liberty University

Staying mostly away from politics, Glenn Beck, a favorite among fans of the FOX News Channel, told graduates in Lynchburg, VA, "look to God and live."

Glenn Beck, a Mormon who believes in good old-fashion American values, told the students that the power of faith can help to right a country "that has gone off track."

Glenn Beck, who currently has the third-listened to radio show in the country, and the second most-watched program on the FOX News Channel, delivered his message to the graduates of Liberty University, as he always does.

Beck enlightens the American public without the demeanor of a reporter cramming news down your throat. Glenn Beck mixes humor into his radio and television shows, which is part of what has caused his popularity to soar in recent months.

Another reason Glenn Beck is loved by so many, is that he is not afraid, as many in our government are today, to expose the truth about the corruption and wrong-doing going on within the Obama camp.

From exposing Anita Dunn for the Mao-worshipper she is, to exposing the truth about self-proclaimed communist Van Jones, who is also a 9/11 truther, and for first showing us the video of Anita Jarrett telling us that the healthcare bill would lead to complete takeover of our healthcare, leading us toward socialized medicine.

Many have tried to silence Glenn Beck, from the president himself to former president Bill Clinton, on down to the cable news programs that lost viewers by the millions, to tune in to see what The Glenn Beck Program is all about.

Believing that God is the center of his life, and that family comes first, followed by love of country, with honor and pride intermingled, Beck tells the graduating class in VA,

"I look at the things that are facing you today: the worst economy in generations, the euro on the road to collapse, we're spending ourselves into oblivion. We live in a time where you must have great courage; you must have great faith. We live in a time where it seems truth is on the run."

Glenn Beck, named as one of the top influential people in the country, by Time Magazine, has inspired millions to get up and do something to change what is happening to America, instead of sitting back and staying silent.

Thousands of people attended the commencement ceremony at Williams Stadium, honoring Liberty University's 8,600 graduates. The students will walk away for a different prospective than the one that seems to radiate from the White House today. I hope that they will take what Mr. Beck has to say to heart, and that a new generation will begin to turn our nation around, in the right direction.

Glenn Beck receives honorary doctorate from Liberty University

“I look at the things that are facing you today: the worst economy in generations, the euro on the road to collapse, we're spending ourselves into oblivion. We live in a time where you must have great courage; you must have great faith. We live in a time where it seems truth is on the run.”  

These words are part of the speech Beck gave to graduates at Liberty University: words to live by, I believe.    

Liberty University, the largest Christian Evangelical University in the world, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, gave Glenn Beck an honorary doctorate in humanities and scientists.

Beck delivered the commencement speech to 8,000 graduates, which included an audience of more than 20,000 family members and friends, on Saturday.

A Mormon, a recovering alcoholic, and a man who claims to be just like us, Glenn Beck is passionate about many things, and he is not afraid to show his emotions publicly. Unfortunately, that is what the media goes after every time he chokes up or gets emotional about a particular subject.

At one point, he broke down during the speech as he told the graduates that he felt it was "an act of courage" for the faculty to have him deliver the commencement speech. Beck also said he was not endorsing his faith, but an endorsement of his belief in Christ, encouraging the young men and women to "look to God and live", referring to the story in the Bible of Moses and the blatant serpent.

Surprised to learn he only attended one semester of college, he said that was all he could afford. I thought otherwise because he is so knowledgeable on the history of the United States and the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution.  

I think that is part of what makes Glenn Beck so appealing to so many. He really is an average "Joe" who is wildly passionate about our country, and is not ashamed to let everyone know how much he admired the men who fought for its independence. Pointing to Barack Obama's commecement speech a few weeks ago, where he warned the graduates not to pay attention to much of the news they might hear, Glenn Beck took the opposite position.

While President Obama told students not to believe all the negative things they hear about his administration, Beck tells Liberty University that it is their "God-given right" on a "Holy Spirit"-led search for truth wherever it might lead…." In essence, he tells them to decide for themselves, with guidance from God, if what they hear is the truth.

The media is twisting Beck's phrase, "shoot to kill" and twisting it to fit into the media's current trend of insinuating that the Tea Party Members are violent. Glenn Beck referred to tithing and to sharing their faith with others by using the phrase, "shoot to kill". Anyone who knows Beck knows that he meant not to give up until achieving victory in spreading the word, the truth about God.

Watch the video and listen to the story of a 'simple man' who has suddenly become the purveyor of truth and justice for patriotic Americans of faith. Because we do not currently have a man in the office of the Presidency behaving like a man who is supposed to lead, protect, and defend the country he leads, people are turning to Glenn Beck and others like him for encouragement, and most importantly, for the truth.

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