Glenn Beck loses another advertiser? Oh my!

Nestles pulled ads, according to a Twit-er's page, from The Glenn Beck Program.

I've never noticed any Nestle ads and I've watch The Glenn Beck Program on FOX since his very first show, but if the Twit-er tweets it, it must be true.

Personally, I never liked Nestle products. I have always been a fan of Hershey's myself. I mean, who drinks chocolate milk made from powder? Powder is for cowards. Use the good old fashioned chocolate syrup added to whole milk, and drink it like a man.

Oh, and I noticed something interesting one night while my son left ABC on after watching the local news the other night. During Diane Sawyer's ABC Evening News, a 30-minute program, I noted the following commercial ads:

Half of them were for some type of over-the-counter drug, one for constipation, one for water eyes, two vitamin commercials, two for Green lawns and homes, and the rest were for products from companies owned by Nestles. How about that? And did anyone know that Nestles has offices in Uzbekistan, Dubai, Uruguay, and the UK?

That's fantastic! They must have a lot of money!

Nestles owns some many different companies, and make so many different products. I hope they don't get their powders mixed up when making the...oh, but I digress.

Why, then, is The Hershey Company the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionery?

Why, then, can't they make products that taste half as good as Hershey's products, made in the USA, in Hershey, PA?

That's weird, but I understand why they would advertise on ABC, one of the three most liberal networks in... wait, there are only three major networks. Oh, well...I guess Nestles makes the stuff for L- I- B- R- U- L- S!

From the Hershey's website: "Raised in rural central Pennsylvania, hampered by the lack of a formal education and nearly bankrupt by the time he was 30, Milton S. Hershey went on to become not only one of America's wealthiest individuals. He is also a successful entrepreneur whose products are known the world over, a visionary builder of the town which bears his name and a philanthropist whose open-hearted generosity continues to touch the lives of thousands."

Visit the Hershey website to read all about their products.

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