McCathyism alive and well today with Weiner vs. Glenn Beck

Liberal Congressman turns back the clock to the days of the Anti-American Activities Committee.

An aide for Rep. Anthony Weiner forwarded this press advisory, headed, “'Goldline' Rips Off Consumers, Profits Off Public Fears, Likely Violates Federal Law.”

It goes on to say, “The company has formed an unholy alliance with conservative pundits to drive a false narrative and play off public fears in order to sell its products”, says the release.

Before It's News says, "Using the power of Congress for harassment of Gold companies or Conservative talk radio would be taking us to a scary place in this country. It appears that Liberals want buying Gold to get boycotted like Arizona. One look at the price of Gold and the Federal deficit tells you that it probably wont happen anytime soon."

Goldline is preparing for a fight: In a press release they put out, they state:

"We are not sure what exactly Weiner will be saying but we do know that it will not be favorable to either Goldline or any of the conservative personalities that support Goldline."

Goldline has also announced that it is available for comment to anyone interested.

Click on the pot of gold to read what Goldline has to say:

On his show today, Glenn Beck said, "This is incredible. This is again another arm of this administration coming out to try to shut me down,”

He also referred to Weiner's press release, as a return to the "McCarthy Era".

He also said, that even if they shut him down on television, he will continue on radio. He then said if they shut him down on radio, he will continue on the Internet. Not one to back down easily,

Glenn Beck then said that if they shut his website down, he would "go door to door" to expose these people for what they are.

Congressman Weiner is not the first to try to shut Beck down. Three organizations with ties to communist groups, and a relationship to Obama, still have their boycott messages up on their websites.  

For complete explanation of what these groups are and why they are targetting Beck, visit: Glenn Beck Target of Radical Extremists

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