Glenn Beck gets Joe Klein's finger in his face at Time's 100 black tie dinner

On May 4, 2010, the people named in Time Magazine's Top 100 Influential People, attended a black tie dinner in their honor.   Joe Klein was there, but not as a honoree, because he wasn't named in Time, but he did do something memorable.

He approached Glenn Beck and while sticking a finger in his face, and grabbing his arm, proceeded to threaten Beck not to "question Obama's legitimacy". Security stood behind Klein as he belligerently kept his finger in Beck's face.  

Beck explained he was not a Birther, and then Joe lost his "trailer park of the Ivy League school coolness" and then said to Glenn, "you question Obama's policies" and that "they don't seem "american" and it is "questioning Obama's legitmacy".  

To which Glenn answered back to Joe: ""You are wrong in almost everything that you've ever written. You are just wrong, and stop it." And then Beck walked away  

By Joe, I think you've finally got it!  

Beck questions the actions of a man who is supposed to protect and defend the citizens of the United States of America. Show us where Obama has done that, and we'll ALL stop asking questions.    

When should we expect to see a report about this?  

Former President Clinton was in attendance, and since Obama's put Clinton in charge of the Smear Campaign against anyone who questions Obama's actions, I am surprised there is no report from him.   At least Glenn had a minimum of 99 eyewitnesses, so where are the photos?   

While we wait for the story and photos, these Joe Klein impersonations will have to do:


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