Is Glenn Beck an entertainer or an eye-opener?

In recent months, Glenn Beck has managed to reach 'celebrity status', by having the third most listened to radio program in America. He also has the number two cable news program in America.

He has been the target of progressives and liberals who have close ties to Obama and the current administration. They try to shut him up and they are running boycotts of his show. They most recently have tried to smear his sponsors.

None of these tactics are working. They never do, when you stick to the truth.

Many people, me included, watch Glenn Beck because he teaches us more about our country's history than spending over a decade in schools did for us, in any American History class.

Glenn draws people in droves, who previously never paid much attention to politics, but who now tune in to watch his program every day, to find out what is really going on in Washington, DC.

Beck also made it possible for millions of Americans to stand up for the principles and values of our founding fathers, at the beginning of the birth of the United States of America.

Our values and principles have not changed from what they were during the days of our founding father. However, many Americans find it harder to stand by them, because there are those in the outer fringes of society who are tearing them down daily.

I believe Glenn Beck is just your 'average Joe', who believes in God, family, and country, much like the majority of Americans who felt that way, not all that long ago. Millions of Americans attended the 9/12 rally in Washington, DC, to express their desire to get back to the roots of what our country stands for, and to let our government know they will not tolerate their efforts to transform the country into something it is not.

On August 28, 2010, Glenn, and millions of Americans will assemble on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, for the "Restoring Honor Rally". This rally is a non-political fundraiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This foundation supports and assists the families of wounded and fallen special ops personnel.

Does this sound like something a celebrity would do, other than Gary Sinise and a few others, who donate their time and energy to honor our Disabled Veterans?

What you normally see a celebrity do at a rally, is what Jane Fonda, (Hanoi Jane), Susan Sarandon, and a few other radical leftists in Hollywood have done, anti-war marches. One march, cleverly entitled United for Peace and Justice, featured women carrying anti war signs, dressed in pink clothing, wigs, and other pink items.

Some men got in on the act, also wearing the pink. I do not understand what wearing pink has to do with anti-war sentiment. This is the way celebrities and their loyal followers push their agenda onto those who follow their career, in this country.

If Glenn Beck is a celebrity, then what he does for his viewers is to prompt them to join rallies to honor the brave men and women who serve, not tear them down with anti-war and anti-American views of the Hollywood 'elite'.

Glenn Beck gives Americans the truth about the declining moral code in our country, fueled by the so-called celebrities. If Glenn is now a celebrity, he is by far a celebrity to keep your eye on. He will open your eyes and your mind to what Jane Fonda and others like her are really trying to do to this country. Jane Fonda did it to our Vietnam Veterans in the 1960's, and now at this late stage in her life, is doing it again to try to revive her career in this manner.

Whatever you think Glenn Beck is, whether a celebrity, or just a stand-up guy exposing the truth about our current administration, he is one of the few who is doing what is right for our country, and its citizens.

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