Glenn Beck won't endorse any books from Random House

Glenn Beck said on his radio show that because Random House set one of their authors up in a house next door to Sarah Palin, to stalk, film, and write about her, that he won't endorse any book that comes from Random House.

If you think this is an empty threat, or that it means nothing, think again.

Anytime Glenn Beck so much as mentions the name of a book on his cable news show or on his radio show, sales soar through the roof.

Google is abuzz today with hits about Glenn Beck coming to Sarah Palin's rescue by having Ms. Palin on his radio show and asking her how she was going to deal with it.

Like any mother, she will defend and protect her children. I know I would not tolerate having a video camera fixed on my children at play. I know I would go insane if a man was leering at my children from the yard or house next door.

This could present problems for both Sarah Palin and McGinnis. I think there are laws against filming children without the parents' permission.

But, in today's world with so many groups being protected under so many laws, like pedophiles under the Hate Crimes Bill, I suppose McGinnis will be allowed to stay.

I would do what Sarah Palin plans on doing, build a tall fence. I would also put barbed wire at the top of the fence, but that is just me.

I am proud of Glenn Beck for standing up for Sarah Palin. He would defend his family as any decent parent would.

Why can't he go to bat for Palin? Any mother or father would do the same, no matter what political party you belong to, or whether you agree with their opinions or not. On this one, I think we can all agree.


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