Glenn Beck bombshell dropped by Huffington Post

Well, actually, it was an update on a previous lie

This is why liberals think the way they do. Here is a statement from one of the most liberal (and inaccurate) publications on the Internet: The Huffington Post:    Beck's ratings have dropped 30 percent since January to 2.1 million viewers in April.    Here are the Nielsen Ratings for Cable News for the beginning of April, and the end of April.    Where is the story on how Glenn Beck draws nearly 4 times the viewers than MSNBC or CNN does, in the Huff?    If, and when Matthews and the Situation Room are EVER able to reach 3/4 of a million viewers, let me know. They will then be halfway to the amount of viewers Glenn Beck has every weeknight.  

Cable News Ratings for Friday, April 2, 2010

Glenn Beck – 2,028,000 viewers

  Situation Room—457,000 viewers 

Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 494,000 viewers

Cable News Ratings for Friday, April 30, 2010  

Glenn Beck – 2,017,000 viewers

Situation Room—581,000 viewers 

Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 580,000 viewers 

I also understand why liberals always ask me to SHOW them where I get information. It is because they will read something from a liberal rag and take it as the gospel, rather than going to the real source of that news.   I think Nielsen has been in the business of ratings long enough to know that people are not buying the garbage they push on the liberal-leaning networks, especially after hearing that they wanted the Times Square Bomber to be a Tea Party Member.   Is that so tough to figure out? I don't know, let me look it up in my big fat liberal fact checker, for Ivy League types.  "Joe Klein of the Times, if I am not a real news source, why are 4 times as many people watching me as they are watching men much smarter than I?

Oh, poor Joe...!

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