Joe Klein from Time says Dr. Glenn Beck is a wingnut blubber

In case you have forgotten already, Joe Klein, who writes for the Times, seems obsessed with Glenn Beck. (a little too obsessed if you ask me) However, I must have missed this article by Joe, written on April 29, 2010:

Time is a Left-Wing Rag

The title should be "Sour Grapes" because he is ragging, AGAIN, on Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for being honored in Times 100.

He sounds just like a lot of liberals on here with his views of these two:

Sarah Palin

Glenn Beck

Some of the nicknames he gives Glenn Beck are:

weepy, paranoid, infotainer, wingnut blubber

Some of the nicknames he gives Sarah Palin are:

Her Know-nothingness

Klein also allows his 'green with envy' attitude to pour out in his words about Sarah Palin's and Glenn Beck's vision of America:

"the America they claim to represent is not only a fantasy, but a third-rate, mingy, boring, hate-filled "Christian place."

Please read the following posts to get an idea of why Joe Klein is so angry over Glenn Beck's popularity:

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are seditious

Glenn Beck gets Joe Klein's finger in his face at Times 100 dinner  

I will patiently wait for the next Joe Klein article about Glenn Beck when he has to address him as Dr. Beck!

  Glenn Beck receives honorary doctorate from Liberty University    

Let's look up the word doctorate, hmm...Joe?

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