Glenn Beck is called a nazi sympathizer

...but flotilla tells Israel soldiers to go back to Auschwitz

Is it just me; am I crazy? Does any of this sound right to anyone else?

Glenn Beck talked about some of the hate mail he has been receiving, on his radio show this morning, for defending Israel in the raid of the terrorist-funded Flotilla.

The hate mail from the left, says that Glenn Beck is a "Jew-Lover". (The left's words, NOT MINE!) 

They also told him he was a "Nazi-Sympathizer."

I have noticed that the publications owned by George Soros/Crime Inc/Obama's Puppet Show are ALL calling Glenn Beck, "a Nazi-Sympathizer" on the Internet today:

Anyone, and everyone on the left is spouting how Israel is the enemy in all of this. There are tons of posts on the Internet, there are plenty of posts and comments right here on Gather as well, that blamee Israel for the terrorist-funded Flotilla proceeding past the blockade.

I want someone who is like-minded to these people, to explain how Glenn Beck can be a Nazi-Sympathizer when he is one of the few who are actually on Israel's side in this.

In case you missed it, and if you only read or watch liberal news, you did, here is a communication between the Turkish Gaza flotilla to the Israeli Navy.

When the Israeli Army warned the flotilla that they were breaking through the blockade, this is what they said:

“Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz.”

Then later, they sent this message "

“We're helping the Arabs go against the US. Don't forget 9/11, guys.”

What is happening here in America? Have we officially been 'fundamentally transformed?" I didn't get the memo.

How can anyone who hears those words, not realize what is going on here, that Israel is being made to look like the bad guy. It is frightening to imagine what could be the objective behind these thoughts.

I don't think all Americans want to side with the terrorists, even though we have an Attorney General who will not call the terrorists radicals, or even terroritsts.

We also now have a President telling Egypt that Jews are occupying Palestine.

Did I wake up on the wrong side of the United States of America? How long will this nightmare last?

Are we going to make it until November of 2012 when this administration is gone from here?

If you look at what Carter thought, and still thinks about the Jews here:

Jimmy Carter's War Against the Jews

you might wonder if we will, indeed, be around that long.

(Be sure to watch the entire presentation.)

Read more about the radio communications between the flotilla and the Israeli soldiers here:

Flotilla activists: Go back to Auschwitz

Is Glenn Beck REALLY the only one in the media who thinks the Israeli soldiers were NOT wrong to protect Israel?

Or are all the others afraid to become the target of socialist groups, as Glenn has, for trying to tell us what is happening.

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