Michelle Obama's misguided fight against fat for Philly

First Lady Michelle Obama announced her $400 million dollar initiative, "Let's Move", a program to curb obesity in children in America.

While this is a noble effort, I believe she should spend this money on other programs for children, in at least one of the cities she mentioned in an interview with Mike Huckabee on the Fox News channel.

Michelle Obama worried that there were not enough grocery stores in some neighborhoods in Philadelphia, where parents could buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

The problem as I see it, being a former resident of Philadelphia, the city where I grew up, is that it ranks as #21 out of 400 cities surveyed, with the highest crime rates. According to data compiled by the FBI, the survey also revealed that Philadelphia's crime rate is 2.94 percent higher than the national average.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, in 2009, battled with Governor Ed Rendell and lawmakers over Philadelphia's budget. He fought for libraries to remain open and for recreation centers to receive the funding, it needed. He also had to go to bat to keep jobs in the Philadelphia Police Department.

In a city where a person has a one in twelve chance of falling victim to a violent crime, would the best solution be to put corner stores in a city that reported 62,454 property crimes in one year?

Philadelphia ranks as number 5 out of 32 of the most dangerous cities in the US, with a population of 500, 000 or more.

In addition, 25% of the population in Philadelphia lives below the poverty level. How many of those people have enough money to buy enough food to make them fat?

I think parents of children living in high-crime cities need programs that to help parents raise their children to avoid becoming a statistic, either the perpetrator or the victim of, a violent crime. Using that money to set up more after-school programs to encourage children to do something with their time, makes more sense to me. All parents know that when children have nothing to do, they tend to get themselves in trouble.

I am glad that the First Lady is concerned for the health of children in America, and I agree that we do not live the healthiest of lifestyles, but for at least one big city, the safety and mental health and well-being of our kids, must come first.

Some children in Philadelphia have to dodge bullets just to get to the store. Worrying about the fatty fat fats in the city, should be the least of her problems.

If the first lady really wanted to get her message across to kids about eating sugary and fatty foods, she should consider the following campaign posters:





Also, three things parents can do that would not cost us 600 million dollars, to keep their kids busy so they don't eat out of boredom:


And as long as Michelle has two asses to my one, I can safely say that if my kids eat like I do, they will not grow up obese!

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