Obama's fundamental transformation of the US
Part 3 - Ecological Justice

Obama's climate change reform = ecological justice = more US taxpayer money from those already struggling in this economy = more money to countries of G-20 summit = showing the world that America is responsible for man-made global warming

This one is really a no-brainer since most scientists admitted that there is no man-made global warming, after emails detailing the fraud came to light.

Even before Obama became president, he vowed that he would help Americans breathe cleaner air, find ways to save the earth's resources, and would create jobs in the market of climate change, or green jobs.

We all know by now that appointing Van Jones the Green Jobs Czar, in charge of carrying out Obama's promises, did not work out, as well as Obama expected. America found out that Jones was a self-avowed communist, a 9/11 truther, and that he campaigned for the cop-killer, Mumia Abdul Jamal, as these lovely people did.

This aroused the public's suspicions about the man-made global warming. Actually that and the skepticism people already felt toward Al Gore, who wrote a poem that told us Neptune's bones were dissolving. He also claimed that we would run out of water in less than 10 years.


Moviegoers already found The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 to be too supernatural to be believable. They were not about to buy into Al Gore's philosophy given that his house produced more electricity in one month than most Americans used in a year.

Gore also vowed that he would not stop until Americans lived healthier, cleaner lives for the good of the planet, yet continued to eat red meat.


If you argued with the Chicken Little theorists about this manufactured global warming, they told you that you were in denial. Many of us already knew that some people had an agenda and the result would be more taxes put upon the American people.

Consider the ABC 20/20 special with host Elizabeth Vargas, entitled "Human Footprint". This show explained, with sensational graphics, how wasteful Americans are. Every time Vargas said the word Americans, it reminded me of the way Ryan Seacrest says it on American Idol. AMERICANS use too much toilet paper; AMERICANS use too many disposable diapers, and so on and so forth. She even went as far as to tell us how much milk AMERICANS consume, and how many loaves of bread AMERICANS pig out on in any given amount of time.


I apologize and do not mean to be rude, but is it all AMERICANS that use these precious resources that supposedly hurt the planet? There are many people in this country who are not AMERICAN, who snuck in and waste natural resources as much, if not more, than AMERICANS waste!

Thanks, Liz, but we are not buying that anymore than we are buying that Neptune's bones are dissolving.

Just look at a picture of an illegal immigrant protest in CA last year. How many rolls of toilet paper do they use?

So imagine then, all the anger that must have welled up in the 19 countries at the G-20 Summit, when Obama would not commit to the $100 billion a year for developing countries to combat climate change. Obama at least knew that with what he had in store for us now, there would not be enough money left over to give toward this goal set by the 20 countries in Copenhagen last year.

The agenda of finding ways to take more money from Americans with the global warming scare is far from over, and will be at the center of some bill Obama mulls over in the near future.

People are still shouting that the sky is falling, but most of us who had to shovel our way through nearly 5 feet of snow that fell, in total, this past winter, will wait until it actually does fall and hit us over the heads. This winter, snow fell in all states across the US, including Florida. This is reassurance that we have a long way to go before the planet burns up and blows away in ashes, as Al Gore and his cronies would have you believe.

They are trying to sell the American public on the premise that if you do not believe in climate change, you must hate Mother Earth and Mother Nature. Far from it, my parents taught me that you do not fool with Mother Nature.


My belief is that Al Gore is no better equipped to stop the globe from warming, than he can convince us that he invented the Internet.

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