Clinton's TEA party smear campaign starring Rosie O'Donnell

Bill Clinton gets job, while Hillary waits for her first important assignment.

Well, it is official; former President Bill Clinton has a more important job to do than his wife, Hillary, the Secretary of State. Obama does not like Hillary much and she has not been doing much lately. However, Bill Clinton gets to plan Tea Party Movement smear campaign.

  "I did NOT have...uh...what?

With strong support from these two women, two of the most influential women in the entertainment business, how could he miss, right?

Where do I start?


Apparently, Rosie "the wrecking ball" O'Donnell, after her split from her partner, has a new job on the radio. Who knew? Apparently, not too many people did.

When she engaged in a conversation with 9-11 truther Janeane Garafalo on her radio show, the subject quickly turned to Elizabeth Hasselback, the women Rosie butted (no pun intended) heads with on The View a while back.

(Don't know who Garafalo is? No, I didn't either, but I included a picture in case you may have actually seen her somewhere)

Garafalo calls Ms. Hasselback an "anti intellectual" and says her "ridiculous take on religion" makes her a "limited person".

Assuming Garafalo means that Elizabeth is limited because she does not believe in sacrificing chickens or some other extreme religious ritual; I can let this one go for now.

However, my take on it is that the statements arose from pure and utter jealousy. Envy oozes from her words, or from what appear to be chicken pox scars Garafalo has on her face, at least in the photo I included of this activist.

The conversation shifts to the subject of Rush Limbaugh and their confusion over who his fans are and why they listen to him. People are obviously listening to him because he has the number one radio talk show in the nation. Remember, though these two women are experts, so when

Garafalo says she does not know what makes a person become a Rush Limbaugh fan, Rosie O' Bloatsey with her wealth of wisdom answers,

"And how is it that he's able to be a junkie, literally, and sort of still have reverence, respect, and be heralded as the leader of these... (Tea party go-ers)

In my humble opinion, Rosie O'Donnell represents everything that the gay rights movement and the women's liberation movement should hate in a woman. If I were a lesbian, I would be outraged at some of the things that come out of her big, fat mouth. I would stand up and tell the world that she does not represent the gay community with her words or actions. Never mind how far back she has set the 'woman in journalism' struggle.

Barbara Walters, in and of herself, a worthless reporter, allowed Rosie to share her views on hot topics in the news as if she actually had the credentials, or knowledge, to do so.

God rest her soul, but even Gilda Radner's Baba Wawa character would not have permitted Rosie to announce that she bathes naked in the tub with her children, or that she allows the family dog to lick her child's private parts to clean up a diaper mess.

The Department of Child and Family Services should investigate these two remarks made on The View, alone. I am not certain if PETA and the Humane Society should also look into this although it is more perversion than cruelty on the part of the family dog.

Now, let us move on to the 'junkie' statement O'Donnell made about Rush Limbaugh's addiction problem.

This came from a woman who is obviously the biggest junk food junkie in Hollywood. Shouldn't Michele Obama use her as a 'before' poster in her fight against sugar and fatty foods?

My reference earlier to the 'wrecking ball' remark about Rosie stems from the fact that with news of her breakup with her girlfriend, she has quite possibly become a one-woman wrecking ball of everything woman and lesbians have tried to do for decades, and that is to be taken seriously and accepted by the world. Rosie's radio show destroyed all hope of that, I believe.

Now, former President Bill Clinton will get in on trying to discredit the tea-party goer's even after they proved their legitimacy by voting Senator Scott Brown in to replace Kennedy.

The gals of Rosie's radio show think that the Republicans use the tea party movement "as a blunt instrument." With Rosie, Garafalo, and Clinton on the case, they will turn the blunt instrument of the Tea Party Movement, into blunt force trauma of the liberal BIG government in place today.

The paradigm is changing. If you don't believe me, look at the difference between the tea party movement and the so-called anti-war movement during the Bush administration.

Another SNL casualty Chris Ebersole not only joins the bandwagon of 9/11 truther dirtbags O'Donnell and Garafalo, she took it one step further. Speaking out against Obama, and our US troops, she says: "flying over Afghanistan to get the Nobel Peace Prize as those 60,000 troops go in to murder how many...women and children?...War is war."

O'Donnell added: "And it's wrong on every level, always."

Yes, Rosie, you are wrong on so many levels, as I stated earlier in this post. But, Ebersole, I had to look at an image to see if I recognized her. I did not, and I realize that she is just as insignificant as the other two kooks. Read more of Ebersole's psychopathic rants here: Newsbusters

Meanwhile, Obama throws the Dalai Lama, a fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner, out with the trash. Rumor has it, the trash contains all the fake climate change documents, but this could not be verified.

These are photos taken from all over the Internet, of the so-called peaceful anti-war crowds, you know,
the throwbacks from the hippie draft-dodging cowards of the 1960's.

Which crowd do you think are the radicals?

These photos are of two separate Tea Pary Rallies, and one from a counter-protest to Cindy Sheehan's radical crowd, back in March of 2007.



Now, tell me honestly, who are the radicals? The Tea Pary Go-er's? Maybe...not so much!