Clinton's first real job as SOS infuriates our biggest ally

"Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday delivered a stinging rebuke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his government's announcement this week of new Jewish housing in east Jerusalem, calling it "a deeply negative signal" for the Mideast peace process and ties with the U.S."

Would this be like saying to England and France during WWII: "We don't think you should be killing the Germans trying to occupy your countries? They are only trying to wipe out the entire race of Jewish people, you bad, bad boys."

Is everyone smoking the legal marijuana now or did I get a bad batch of mushrooms and am seeing things through a psychedelic haze?

What is going on in our country? The patients must be running the mental institutions!

Clinton goes on to say that Israel's decision spoiled Biden's public relations spot. He does a good job of ruining everything, every time he opens his mouth, am I right?

These three agreed with Clinton: the U.S., European Union, United Nations, and Russia. I do not know what the first organization is, but I know the UN is useless and Russia, well, it does not surprise me that we side with Russia against Israel, after all look who is running Congress today.

She is teetering close to the peanut farmer's views on Jewish people, as illustrated here:

Jimmy Carter's War on Jews