Healthcare Reform/Volunteerism Act to honor Mary Jo Kopechne's murderer

As part of the HCR bill signed into law by Obama, they honor Ted Kennedy by establishing the EDWARD M. KENNEDY SERVE AMERICA ACT, tripling volunteerism opportunities to 250,000 for national service for students to retirees; increased college financial awards.

Sources say the first site for clean up is this stretch of beach familiar to Ted, in honor of the late Senator, Chappaquiddick.

Volunteering to clean up should be a breeze since money and power did that for Teddy 41 years ago this July. 

There have been unconfirmed reports that volunteers are also looking for anything that says, "In memory of Mary Jo" here at Chappaquiddick, and those in charge told volunteers to remove it as part of the cover-up, I mean, clean up.


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