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Cher on Jay Leno says "teabaggers are f-ing nuts."

I really hate it when celebrities mouth off about politics.

I hate it even more when it's a celebrity I like for their entertainment value.

I have been a fan of Cher's music for decades. I never liked the hippies, but at least Sonny and Cher were talented hippies. Plus, I thought Cher's voice and style, was amazing, and was glad she enjoyed a successful solo career.

I liked that she was able to make the transition into the different genres of music over the years, with ease. I was thrilled with the sounds of the songs on her "Believe" album, and even my kids liked that one.

Having said that, I wish I did not hear about her, first of all, saying the word, 'teabaggers', because it was so low class. Then to have her say that the Tea Party people are "f-ing nuts", was even more disappointing.

After all, what is nuts to Cher?

Having so much plastic surgery, that Cher now resembles a 'Cher doll' with a plastic face.

What about Cher marrying a man who abused cocaine, heroin, and alcohol, and had a child with him?

And who can forget about Chast ...Chaz Bono? To me, that's nuts. but if I was trying to drum up business for my next project, I wouldn't say it out loud on a talk show.

Therefore, Cher, my suggestion to you is to keep your mouth shut, unless you're singing.

Cher was right about one thing; the things she says about politics may keep people away from her latest movie.

At least, she pegged me correctly. I will be skipping going to the theatre to see Burlesque.

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