CBS and Bruckheimer topped by NBC Olympics?

NBC's ratings are improving for the first time in a long while. The only show I watch on NBC is Heroes, so I guess I am part of the majority who prefers CBS and all its dramas.

I usually never watch the Olympics. I think there is too much going on the world, trouble in the Middle East, sharp divisions at home politically, and problems with radicals around the world acquiring nuclear weapons, to watch athletes from all countries come together to try and win a prize.

It feels like trying to patch a knife wound with a band-aid; everybody make nice for a few weeks, and I do not get it. CBS, with all the CSI's, Cold Case, Amazing Race, well, the channel dominated by Jerry Bruckheimer shows in general, is the number #1 broadcast channel in the country. I always thought that CBS deserved to be on top. However, lately I am beginning to wonder why.

I used to watch all of the CSI shows, but I began to notice a liberally biased slant to the storylines and dialogue. I always enjoyed watching Cold Case. However, when the writers force the actors to say things I hear liberals say every day, for example, "money wasted on war", I now change the channel. If I want to hear about political views, I will watch the cable news shows. When I watch dramatic television, I want drama and entertainment.

Recently, on the show CSI: NY, and during one of the screen shots they do with flyovers above NY, the Empire State Building had the red-and-yellow lights lit. Someone decided to do that in real life to celebrate 60 years of communist China; go figure. Bruckheimer showed this on the same day as the actual lighting, but weeks later showed the same red and yellow lights. We get it, Jerry, you approve. Yah, communism!

Another thing that I found disturbing, also on the CSI: NY program was a storyline or two about crooked cops in the NYPD. Liberals need to see law enforcement officers, conservative politicians, and people in general doing things that the liberals accuse conservatives of doing on a daily basis.

I recently began watching, The Amazing Race, I noticed in the premier episode this season, that when they showed the caterwauling and inside fighting, they showed the gay couples calling Miss Teen America a bimbo, among other things. If they showed any of the contestants calling the gay couples names, any names, would there be outcries?

At first, there were subtle hints on Bruckheimer's shows. Now, the actors' dialogue includes outright liberally biased statements that have no place in fictional television. However, Bruckheimer is not the only one getting in on the action.

My must-see show is '24', and it has been since the first season. The show centers on a character, Jack Bauer, who works for an anti-terrorist organization, CTU. Kiefer Sutherland's character, Jack Bauer, plays a man who will protect America and its citizens against anything, no matter what it takes.

A few seasons back, liberals accused '24' writers and producers of being too 'conservative'. Given the high ratings, I failed to see why they would worry about losing viewers because of what liberals said.

Dennis Haysbert played the first black president of the United States on '24' for two seasons. Last year, the producers thought making a woman president would make them appear more liberal, I suppose. They took it further by bringing back one of the show's favorite actors, Carlos Bernard, from the 'dead'. Carlos plays Tony Almeida on the show, who also worked for CTU.

Almeida died, or so we thought, as did Jack Bauer and all of CTU, but he did not die, and went into hiding to exact revenge on the murder of his wife, Michelle, also a CTU agent. The producers brought Tony back as the bad guy in the beginning, but as time went by revealed that he was good, but working undercover. Fans were relieved and excited.

The excitement turned to horror when the producers pulled another liberals' dream plot out of nowhere, by then turning Almeida into not just a bad agent, but also an agent who murders FBI agents and police officers. At the end of the season last year, the FBI arrests Almeida and takes him into custody. Fans do not know what happened to him.

I think they brought the character back to appease the liberals by counteracting Jack Bauer's pro-American, patriotic duty to protect the US, with another government agent who turns into a purely evil human being.

Are liberal fans happy yet? Maybe not, because this year they start out with an FBI agent working undercover, who goes insane and stabs a man bent on using nuclear weapons against America. Jack Bauer gets tortured for the second time in the show's history, presumably to counteract his torturing tactics against terrorists throughout the run of the show.

They have now moved on, in last night's episode, to tainting the reputation of two more government law enforcers. One, who has a criminal record unbeknownst to anyone else, assists her ex-boyfriend, who is blackmailing her, into breaking into an evidence locker to steal 100,000 dollars.

Then when this agent's boyfriend finds out, he covers her by telling the thief that he can keep the money if he leaves his girlfriend alone. It was a true "jumping the shark" moment in the history of '24'.

To the producers of '24', I would like to say that I believe you have done enough now for your liberal viewers. Enough with showing us that not all federal agents are good, that those who torture terrorists deserve to be tortured. I have had it with the "good agent gone bad" characters.

Those fans, like me, who watched from the first show and loved the determination and dedication of Kiefer Sutherland's character, are getting tired of the "see we're liberal too" show. Get back to the business of fighting terrorists using whatever method that works, because it is starting to wear a little thin.

Television shows with good drama and fine acting do not need to show an agenda to the audience. We do not want to have to think too hard when watching a show that should be purely entertaining.

Am I reading into something that is not there, or am I paying attention more to what is going on, in the country, in politics, and now, sadly, on television?