These Are Neighbors We Wish We Had

We are 3 dogs living in a suburb in Pennsylvania. The picture above shows the type of neighbors we wish we had. Unfortunately, my canine siblings and I are stuck with "Neighbors From Hell"

Our neighbors have 3 children, all under the age of 7, but they are not the angelic cherubs you see here. They are brats. They tease us, throw things at us from their yard that is above ours in the back, all in full view of the two parents. The father even makes barking and whistling noises at us. What is up with THAT?

This all started about a year ago when we were barking at the mailman at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. The neighbor lady, we call her the 'breeder', complained that we woke her brats up from their nap. (My human mom says that the breeder probably wants to bang her head against the wall, what with having 3 children so close in age, that won't sleep at the same time. My human mom also says that there is some nifty invention called 'birth control' that the breeder could have used to solve her dilemma. We didn't understand it until she said it was similar to 'spaying' and 'neutering'.) Also the breeders aren't married and the woman doesn't speak English very well, from what we understand. My mom says they breed "automatic US citizens". We don't know about that, but we know about brats.

Because my human mom did not want us dogs to defecate and urinate in the house, (go figure) she had no choice but to let us out in the yard for our potty runs. The breeder decided to call Animal Control and tell them that we dogs were out day and night, barking incessantly. When my human mom explained to the Animal Control Officer that we were not outside dogs and that my mom was home ALL day with us, he decided to ask other neighbors about us. Not one other neighbor could back up what the breeders said.

My human mom then decided to tell the Animal Control Officer that 2 of the breeders' brats thought it was fun to throw things at us dogs. They did this while the breeder stood right there and watched. My mom told the breeder to tell the brats to stop. This has not stopped. Here's a photo of the back of our yard, and the breeders' yard above. (Note the noxious weed, Ivy, that is encroaching on our side of the fence. More about that later)

The breeders' brats stand in the spot between the two trees and throw things down at us. My canine sister got so scared that for a while would not go outside because she was afraid she was going to be hit by something thrown at her by the breeders' brats. She already lived with ignoramuses before who abused her, so she knows the type.

The Animal Control Officer talked to the breeders' about her brats, and we thought that was the end of it. Boy, were we wrong! Last weekend, my human mom found two peppers in our yard. The breeder has a pepper plant. Here are some photos:

My human mom called Animal Control to tell them about the peppers in the yard. He said that we had to PROVE the breeders' brats were throwing the peppers in our yard, and he said there was nothing he could do unless one of us dogs were harmed by what the breeders' brats were throwing in OUR yard.

My human mom says the Animal Control Officer is stupid, because it's as simple as the old Dick and Jane books. See the pepper plant in the breeders' yard? See the peppers in OUR yard, on the ground? Now for the best one:

See where the breeders' brats are standing? They didn't see my mom come out into the yard.

My human mom told them to not even THINK about throwing anything, and proceeded to take this picture, which is what the Animal Control Officer said to do. Mom pretended to be taking pictures of us. The breeders' brats quickly scurried, like rats back into a woodpile.

Alas, Animal Control will not do anything until one of us gets sick or dies. :(

Animal Control needs to brush up on their Dog Laws anyway. It states that is is 'unlawful to place a harmful substance in an area where dogs may eat it'. Plus, my mom just read at the website that "children’s behavior is often a natural extension of what they have learned from watching adults—or from being a victim of abuse themselves." It also says on that site that, "it is a public safety as well as an animal cruelty issue, since kids who hurt animals are often likely to commit violence against people later in life."

So, my human mom says it's time to move on to Plan B. Remember the encroaching ivy I mentioned earlier? Well, my canine brother has flare-ups of dermatitis every so often, and my human parents have to spend 100's of dollars to make him feel better. We found out that Ivy is one of the things that can cause dermatitis in dogs.

Apparently, in this quiet little suburb (HAH!), if you have your grass 1/4 of on inch above 'regulations', neighbors can call and complain and the 'grass police' will come racing out to investigate. And you will have to mow your lawn ASAP!!! How about that? However, apparently there is no 'regulation' against people throwing things in YOUR yard, and there is no regulation against what my human mom calls a-holes who allow their brats to taunt and tease the neighbors' dogs.

Mom says that she would like to put something called barbed wire on the fence in the back,
but she probably wouldn't be allowed: (that would keep the brats off the fence, though, wouldn't it?

PA Dog Law says:
"You may not place any poison or harmful substance in any place where dogs may easily eat it, whether it is your own property or elsewhere."

Hear that, you dirtbags?

Hear that, Animal Control people?
Or as Mom likes to refer to them:

"The Big Help!" Hah!

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Rocket the Rescued Dog!

Yogi's Yowls and Yodelings!


Hey, Rocket, get in the house before the breeders' brats drop something on your head! Look Out!

You're right, Yogi, there go the brats now. What's that in their hands? Bear, let's get out of here!

Right behind you, Rocket! Those brats are nuisances! There oughta be a law!
Wait, there is a law! Why aren't they being stopped?

According to the Dog Law in PA: "If the dog has access to a fenced yard, owners should make sure that neighborhood children cannot accidentally or intentionally tease him. Kids often begin by goading the dog to bark, then to snarl. Or they may throw things at him to chase him away from the fence. However it begins, the end result is usually the same: the kids learn that teasing the dog gives them a feeling of power tinged with the possibility of danger and the dog learns to hate kids. This hatred may be manifest as fear or as aggression, and it rarely ends well."


This is not a real photo of any real dog that we took. This photo is from a shirt mom bought at "Hot Topic". In reality, however, this is what can happen to dogs when dog owners, animal control, and local authorities allow ignorant children like the breeders' brats to tease, taunt, and throw things at them. In addition, dogs like this invariably end up in shelters, become labeled as 'aggressive', and more often than not, are euthanized. That is why my humans will never let us out into the yard unsupervised. They will stop the breeders' brats whenever they see them doing something to us dogs. So, the message we would like to get across with this webpage is for people who breed brats:

Spay and Neuter Yourselves!!