I chose this background because the 9/11 Commission reminded me of little kids arguing: "You did it!" "Did Not!" "Did!" "Did Not!"

Play Nice!

I do not believe that President Bush, the CIA or the FBI are to blame for September 11th. Who do I think was responsible? How about the maniacs who used planes as weapons and flew them into the World Trade Center Buildings?

We all know who was responsible for murdering 1,000's of people that dark day in our country's history. But since those suicidal psychopaths took their own lives along with those innocent people they murdered in the planes and in the buildings, we can't punish them. However, we have to do something to someone because we're angry. What the Committee is doing is taking the blame away from the real culprits. This happened a few years back in Philadelphia, PA.

A teenage boy was savagely hunted down and beaten to death by other teenagers with baseball bats. Several people witnessed some ot the trouble and phoned 9-1-1. The police arrived on the scene after the teens had bashed this poor boy's skull in. One of the teens, the one most responsible for the boy's death, was given an 18 month sentence behind bars. In my opinion, it was an extremely short and unjust sentence for what these boys did to another human being.

My belief is that the jurors were swayed to give these boys minor punishments because of all the publicity surrounding the 9-1-1 calls. The news media and the public placed blame on the slow reaction time of those 9-1-1 dispatchers and the police to arrive on the scene in time to save the boy. I'm not saying that the 9-1-1 people and the police are totally blameless. Maybe the police could have arrived in time to save the boy, but the fact remains that the ones holding the baseball bats were to blame. They should have been tried as adults and should have received the maximum sentence for their crimes.

The people watching from their windows, the ones that called 9-1-1, may have been able to do something as well. They could have diverted attention by making a commotion to stop what was happening, or delay it until help arrived.

The point is that I think most of us are having a hard time believing that some people can take human lives without remorse. We can't always be looking for some other reason simply because we don't understand the mind of a murderer. How could anyone predict the actions of the 19 hijackers on 9/11? How can we wrap our minds around the fact that there are some people who have so much hatred, they're willing to do anything?

As humans, we go looking for someone else to blame because we can't comprehend that such dark and evil people are living among us. We have to make someone else pay for what has happened. It goes on all the time and it is wrong, because it takes the blame away from the ones truly responsible.

I think that Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell, and President Bush have more important things to do than to spend weeks satisfying our consciences and easing our pain. Those 19 hijackers walked among us in this country plotting the deaths of 1,000's in a way no one could have predicted.

They will waste time now. Rice will blame it on the FBI and the CIA. The FBI and the CIA will blame it on Rumsfeld and Powell. Rumsfeld and Powell will blame it on the President, and so forth and so on.

Let's concentrate on more important things, like healing those family members who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center buildings that day. Let's think about our service men and women over in Iraq. Blaming President Bush for 9/11 won't bring back those lost.

Take the money it is costing us to pay for the assembling of the Committee, and give it to the families of the victims of the September 11th tragedy. Give it to the family members of our US troops. Money won't solve all of their problems, but it would be going to a worthier cause than a witch hunt.

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