Move over President George can be replaced!

I just read the most fascinating post about how our Tax-Evader Money Czar, Geithner, is taking into consideration, a suggestion to replace George Washington on the Quarter. Maybe he might want to think about putting his own face on the quarter, because after all he thinks America's money is for him to do whatever he wants with it.

Furthermore, if you are going to change the face of our quarter to the face of someone who has not forgotten what the Father of our Country did for America, there really is only one person to consider.

There is only one man in America now who is shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen, about what a courageous, noble, man of hope and faith, George Washington was.

He also happens to be one of the most influential people today in America who still believes that morals, values, and principles stand for something.

So, here is my suggestion for the new quarter, if the Secretary Treasurer-in thief does change the face of George Washinton's to someone else's face:

Unlike our President, HE will be honoring our US troops and veterans on 8/28 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial


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