Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are biggest targets of lame stream media

If you wonder why there is always so much publicity going around about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, here are only a few reasons why they are viewed negatively by Obama supporters:

Glenn Beck: 

  1. is pro-life
  2. is a Mormon
  3. supports the death penalty
  4. is a critic of political correctness
  5. supports "tough interrogation methodsto obtain terrorist information in certain circumstances."
  6. is critical of the entertainment industry's political views
  7. opposes anti-smoking regulations
  8. is pro-capitalism
  9. supports a free market
  10. supports an individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment
  11. opposes open borders
  12. opposes big government over-spending
  13. opposes idea of manmade global warming
  14. supports Arizona immigration law
  15. supports our troops
  16. is patriotic
  17. believes in God
  18. is not a liberal

In Beck's #1 Bestselling book, An Inconvenient Book, points out that one of the key elements of Fascism was "controlling public thought using fear to silence dissent".  
(gee, that sounds vaguely familiar, doesn't it)

  Sarah Palin:

  1. is pro-life
  2. opposes gay marriage
  3. pro-capitalism
  4. supports a free market
  5. supports an individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment
  6. opposes open borders
  7. opposes big government over-spending
  8. opposes idea of manmade global warming
  9. supports Arizona immigration law
  10. supports our troops
  11. is patriotic
  12. believes in God
  13.  is not a liberal

 As you can see these two influential figures represent everything the liberal leftards despise.



On August 28, 2010, Glenn, and millions of Americans will assemble on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, for the "Restoring Honor Rally".

 This rally is a non-political fundraiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This foundation supports and assists the families of wounded and fallen special ops personnel.

Does this sound like something a celebrity would do, other than Gary Sinise and a few others, who donate their time and energy to honor our Disabled Veterans? What you normally see a celebrity do at a rally, is what Jane Fonda, (Hanoi Jane), Susan Sarandon, and a few other radical leftists in Hollywood have done, anti-war marches. One march, cleverly entitled United for Peace and Justice, featured women carrying anti war signs, dressed in pink clothing, wigs, and other pink items.

Some men got in on the act, also wearing the pink. I do not understand what wearing pink has to do with anti-war sentiment. This is the way celebrities and their loyal followers push their agenda onto those who follow their career, in this country.

If Glenn Beck is a celebrity, then what he does for his viewers is to prompt them to join rallies to honor the brave men and women who serve, not tear them down with anti-war and anti-American views of the Hollywood 'elite'.

Glenn Beck gives Americans the truth about the declining moral code in our country, fueled by the so-called celebrities. If Glenn is now a celebrity, he is by far a celebrity to keep your eye on. He will open your eyes and your mind to what Jane Fonda and others like her are really trying to do to this country. Jane Fonda did it to our Vietnam Veterans in the 1960's, and now at this late stage in her life, is doing it again to try to revive her career in this manner.

Whatever you think Glenn Beck is, whether a celebrity, or just a stand-up guy exposing the truth about our current administration, he is one of the few who is doing what is right for our country, and its citizens.

Something else that is happening around the country, especially on the Internet, is that anyone who supports Glenn Beck and shares the information they learn by watching his cable new program, and listening to his radio show, have found themselves the target of the very same people running the smear campaign against Glenn Beck.

They will call you names, they will try to defame and discredit you. They will use scare tactics and will write stories filled with lies about you.

When they do this, it just proves that you are on the right track. You are standing on the bridge, with your feet firmly planted in the truth, and that hurts the very people you are trying to expose, and it hurts those out to destroy your credibility.

If you want to know what is really going on in America today, tune in to The Glenn Beck Program weekdays at 5pm on the Fox News Channel.

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