In Loving Memory
June 22, 2000 - May 16, 2009

To Bear's Photo Bash!

I hope you enjoy these photos. I love to have my picture taken.
My mom says that I always take a good picture, and that she wishes she did, too.


I am almost 7 years old. I am an Aussie Shepherd/Collie Mix, with a little Chow-chow thrown in for good measure. My name is Bear.



We Miss You Bear!

Bear Playing with Spot and Scout at the Rainbow Bridge
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Can we just talk about how handsome I am? {Blurry, but handsome!}

meg and bear
An Ivy League Graduate and an adorable puppy at 20 weeks old. {Bear's the one on the right]

bear at the gate
Do you think that I couldn't jump over this gate if I really wanted to? Think again!

dogs asleep
Why do they take pictures of us while we're sleeping? And why is half of my head missing?

This is a collection of pictures of me at various ages. Notice how, as I got older, my hair got lighter and my muzzle filled out some.


That arm that's choking me in the 1st photo, belongs to my human sister. I tolerate it, but I told Mom not to include her in the photo. Ha!

This is my "You lookin' at me?" pose?
Usually it's because they want me to do something I'm not in the mood to do.


Why is Yogi out there near the food, and I'm stuck in here with this stupid tree! Geez!

Look, not only do I wake up to find that they've piled blankets on top of my kennel, but they also taped this stupid fake chimney paper to it.
Wonder what they're up to? (Plus I've noticed that they've locked me in. Now, what's up with that?! }

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