Amazing Race's Cowboys are the real winners

After watching the finale of The Amazing Race last night, I learned two things, and they are this:

  • whiners and cheaters will do anything for money
  • some people are not changed by the promise of money

These two statements describe the 1st and 2nd place winners of last night's Amazing Race.

I also saw women behave as teenage girls engaged in a catfight, like little green-eyed monsters.

From the starting point to the finish line, I watched as the team of brothers moaned and complained like little babies when required to complete challenges the rest of the teams also had to complete. I watched them call cab drivers names because they did not get them where they wanted to go fast enough.

I saw them move into first class on the plane, so they could be the first ones to arrive at their first roadblock. They also prevented another team from completing a challenge by showing their complete lack of consideration for their fellow teammates.

The ones that stepped over others to win the million-dollar prize may have won the race, but the money will not buy them the honor or moral fiber they lack as human beings.

In addition, the second place winners received less accolades than they deserved, because of another team of spiteful teammates, who allowed jealousy to cloud their judgment the entire time they competed in the race.

As they drew attention to themselves by showing their hatred for the 3rd team in the finale, they also named the 2nd place winners as the ones who should have received the u-turn instead of them. They still did not realize that they received the u-turn because they did nothing but treat

Caite, the young pretty model, in a way only nasty jealous women do.

The real winners of Amazing Race for me last night were Jet and Cord McCoy, the "cowboys".

They may not have arrived at the final pit stop in first place, and they may not have won the million dollars, but for me, they went home winners.

These two gentlemen from Oklahoma, who earn an honest day's pay by working hard and being proud of what they do and who they are, came out on top.

During the whole course of the race, they always remained upbeat and were always cheerful and cordial to their fellow teammates.

Their mother not only "let their babies grow up to be cowboys", they also raised them to be respectable, caring men who admire and respect each other.

That would make any mother more proud than winning any race would.

Cord's role models are his parents, and Jet's rode model is his brother and teammate, Jet.

They said that they would not have wanted to compete in the race with anyone other than their brother, one saying that they were brothers and best friends.

The best moment of the night came when one of the McCoy brothers said that some people care more about money than they do people.

He also said, and I wholeheartedly agree, that they came away "with their character and integrity" intact.

I agree, all the brothers who won the million dollars came away with, was the money.

And to the brothers who won the race and the million dollars, I say: "Money cannot buy character!"


The real winners of the Amazing Race:





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