Amazing Race says goodbye to Louis Stravato and Michael Naylor

Last night on The Amazing Race, the first three couples to reach the pit stop in the race, will go on to the finale next week.

Louie and Michael, Undercover Detectives, came in last place and The Amazing Race's host, Phil Keoghan let them know they had been eliminated from the race, and a chance to win a million dollars.

Louie and Michael, hailing from Providence, RI, did their best to compete with the other teams, all of them younger than these two men are.

I am disappointed to know that they will not be in the finale, but I was impressed with the way they handle their elimnation.

The police officers brought humor to the show this season, and encouragement to those older than 30, that if they put their minds to it, they can accomplish anything.

Louie and Michael both agreed that it was the "ride of their lives", and they mentioned that they both made "good friends" while in the competition.

The detectives finished in last place the week before, and instead of facing elimination, they had a speed bump for last night's race, which may very well have been why they came behind the 3rd place team, by a matter of minutes.

I have been rooting for the cowboys/brothers, Jet and Cord McCoy, since the beginning. With each episode, they become more likeable for me. They are visiting places with wide-eyed innocence, and are becoming more comedic as the weeks go by.

Last night, viewers learned that Cord credits his brother's courage for saving his life when a horse's hoof crushed his skull a while back.

They were the first team to depart in last night's episode, but had difficulty, as the other teams did, finding their first clue, and it put them behind the models, Brent and Caite.

The models seemed to have a theme going last night, explaining that people assume Caite is not very bright because she is a beauty contest winner, and they set out to prove people wrong.

While Caite was doing one of the roadblocks, Brent told the audience that Caite, his girlfriend and teammate, was "not as dumb as everyone thinks".

They proved they have determination and the will to win this race, by coming in first last night. For their efforts, they won a trip to the coast of Spain for a 7 night stay.

Caite also happens to be the last remaining female in the race.

The cowboys/brothers came in second and feeling confident that they could actual win the race and the million dollars. Cord even talked about getting a belt buckle with the words, "Amazing Race Champs" on it. Cord said, "If they don't, I'll get one made."

During the roadblock where the teams had to find a stamp with a pig on it and their names, Cord joked that, "Pigs are elusive." I love these guys and want them to win.

This is part of the reason I want to see these guys win. Jet also tried communicating with their cab driver, and then said to the camera, "I don't know any Chinese."

The brothers, Dan and Jordan, however, could not contain their anger and frustration over the language barrier, and the frustration brought one brother to tears for the second week in a row.

I say, "There's no crying in The Amazing Race." I also say statements like, "I hate China", which one of the brothers uttered last night, is the sign of a sore loser who could not be first. I wanted the detectives to be in the finale, to show that behaving like a spoiled brat is not good sportsmanship.

The three teams will face off next week in the finale of The Amazing Race's 16th season, in the episode, "Huger Than Huge (San Francisco)"

I wish Louis and Michael all the best, and I will miss their tenacity and humor in the face of challenges that people younger than these guys could not match.

The three remaining teams:

Jet and Cord McCoy

Brent Horne and Caite Upton

Dan and Jordan Pious

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