Amazing Race's "Oh my gravy," loveable cowboys

I became a fan of the Amazing Race three years ago, when a relative of a former boss was a contestant.

  This season I am rooting for the team affectionately called the Brothers/Cowboys. Cord McCoy is a Professional Bull Rider, age 29, while his 30-year-old brother, Jet, is a Cowboy. All the hard work that cowboys do on a farm or ranch seems to be the driving force that makes them formidable partners in "a race around the world".

Cord McCoy states he loves to ride horses, while Jet says he likes to read, when asked what their favorite hobbies are. Cord has a 'to-do' list that includes getting married, having "lots of babies", and living happily after.  

Jet McCoy, for now, is doing what he wants to do, and that is to be a Cowboy. Both of them are happy being who and what they are, and would not trade places with anyone else.    

Cord's role models are his parents, and Jet's rode model is his brother and teammate on The Amazing Race, Jet.

With all of these positive aspects of their personalities, how could I not want these loveable cowboys to win the prize of one million dollars?  

I want them to show the world that "Oh, my gravy! Momma, yes, it's okay to let your babies grow up to be Cowboys"! 

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