Amazing Race's Jet and Cord McCoy should take their act on the road!

Oh my gravy, I can't seem to get enough of the huggable cowboys on this season's The Amazing Race!  

They are like two little kids going into a giant toy store for the first time and they are becoming so entertaining, I think they could take their comedy act on the road.  

They see so many things they have never seen before, yet they do not seem to let it slow them down.

Some of the funniest lines from the show last night, came from the McCoy brothers, who by the way, came in first again last night!

They were amazed at the sight of the shortest man in the world. In the cab on the way to their next clue, one said that if he jumped out at you, he'd scare you to death. They did not mean that in a nasty way, they were just amazed. Then they commented on the long cigarette the short man had in his mouth, and then they said smoking really does stunt your growth.

When they had to make noodles, they said, "It ain't like rope!"

When they had to dress a model in clothes from a picture, as they searched for the items on the racks, one said, "It's not for everybody out here on the trail!"

Because they felt they did a fine job of finding the clothes, they said, "Don't let the clothes fool you, we're into the fashion world!"

One told the other brother that he could have a career in fashion design, and then remarked, "You never know!"

Then Jet said of Cord, while struggling to complete a challenge, that he may not be as talented as other people in all areas, but "he makes up in try." (I like that)

Besides the humor of the cowboys and their 1st place win, I thought one of the police officers said two funny things as well, while trying to complete challenges.

"Can we have a shooting challenge instead?" and "Can't we kick in a door or chase a crack head?"

The cowboys' win warranted them a trip to see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. I wish we could follow along with them on that trip.

I hope the cowboys finish this Amazing Race first, with the police officers coming in second. This has been a funny and truly Amazing Race Around the World, this year.

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