The Amazing Race: 7 couples race to a "cathy draw" in France

The seven remaining couples raced to the finish line last night, in Northeastern France.

The couples are:

Brent and Caite, from South Carolina, are models and currently dating

Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow, from Los Angeles, CA, are currently dating.

Jet and Cord McCoy, brothers from Oklahoma, are cowboys. Cord is also a professional bull rider.

Dan and Jordan are brothers from Barrington, RI. Dan is a Financial Advisor and Jordan is a Strategic Consultant.

The newly dating couple is Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder. Jordan is a salesman from Norridge, IL, while Jordan Lloyd, from Charlotte, NC, is a receptionist

Louie Stravato and Michael Naylor are undercover detectives from Providence, RI

Steve and Allie Smith, a father and daughter team, hail from Encinitas, CA. Dad's a professional baseball coach and Allie works in marketing.

The Race:

The couples had to make their way to Reims to find the Joan of Arc statue. The first couple to depart was the detectives, Lou and Michael, after arriving in 1st place for the last race. "We're gonna own this continent", exclaimed one of the detectives, proud of the team's accomplishments.  

Jet and Cord wanted to find a 7-11, somewhere on their way to the next challenge. A couple of teams became frustrated at the lack of the natives' ability to speak English. The brothers misunderstood one French woman who told them the Joan of Arc statue was near a cathedral. They thought she said, "Cathy draw".

  Meanwhile, the dating females delivered too much information, wondering where they could purchase oils while they were there. The models started becoming agitated with each other. Caite did not want to ask for directions and thought Joan of Arc had something to do with gather two sheep. Her teammate Brent, explained that was Noah, and said, "No wonder we're always last".

  After the couples found their next clue at the Joan of Arc statue, they proceeded to their next challenge." Cave-in", where they had to rappel down 100 feet to a wine cellar to find a bottle marked with the special red and yellow flag. Once they found the bottle, they had to hack the top of the bottle off with a saber.

  Finding the next clue proved a challenge in itself as some of the couples had trouble finding the Tattinger Chateau, located in Pierry. When they reached the chateau, their next challenge gave them a choice of either building a tower of glasses, or finding a bunch of grapes with the yellow and red flag in a 2 acre vineyard.

  In the tower challenge, they had to make the tower of glass 15 levels high, with only one glass at the top. They then had to pour a giant bottle of champagne into the tower of glasses.

  The detectives decided on the vineyard challenge as one said they were both like bulls in a china shop. While searching for the grapes, one said, "St. Anthony help me".

  Steve and Allie had problems on the way to finding the clue, when Dad hit something and messed up the fender on the car. After some time, he remembered Allie's mom packed duct tape in their suitcase, and he patched up the car long enough to get him to the next challenge.

  The detectives found the grapes easily, because as one of them said, if he could find crack in someone's behind, that was easy. They finished the challenge first and had to make their way to L'orrca to reach the Pit Stop for that race.

  Meanwhile, the cowboys for the second time in last night's race were lost. Still in good spirits, the brothers found it amazing that they went on a tour of the French countryside free of charge, when people probably paid 1,000's of dollars for the same tour.

  The dating models skipped the tower or terra challenge and when they reached the pit stop, had to go back and complete it. On the way, Caite complained that she wanted to "get the stupid lesbians out" of the race, because they reached the pit stop at the same time.

  Jordan and Jeff got lost as well trying to find the next clue. The brothers choose the tower. When the finish the tower, they are amazed at the size of the bottle of champagne and one wished he was 6'2" tall, tall enough to reach the top of the tower. They joke on the way to the pit stop that they are available for parties to perform that trick, but that they would be very expensive.  

The cowboys find the grapes and make their way to the finish. Jordan and Jeff choose the tower challenge, but before they complete the challenge, some glasses fall. The same thing happens to Caite and Brent, so they decide instead to do the terra challenge. Bickering and agitated, they find the grapes and make their way to the pit stop.

  It is dark by the time Jordan and Jeff find the grapes in the vineyard. Because of the time lost on their way to the tower or terra challenge, all the other couples reach the pit stop ahead of them. They are eliminated from Amazing Race.

  Next week, the six remaining couples fight for the million-dollar prize.

  (photos courtesy of the Amazing Race)

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