NASA's 8th Group of Astronauts


US Astronauts met the goals NASA set forth for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs.

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These accomplished goals led the way for US astronauts to venture into space with
Skylab, the Apollo Soyuz Test Project, and the Space Shuttle.


NASA announced its 8th group of 35 astronauts in January of 1978

Guion S. Bluford Jr, Daniel C. Brandenstein, James F. Buchli, Michael L. Coats, Richard O. Covey, John O. Creighton, John M. Fabian, Anna L. Fisher, Dale A. Gardner, Robert L. Gibson, Frederick D. Gregory, S. David Griggs, Terry J. Hart, Frederick H. Hauck, Steven A. Hawley, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Shannon W. Lucid, Jon A. McBride, Ronald E. McNair, Richard M. Mullane, Steven R. Nagel, George D. Nelson, Ellison S. Onizuka, Judith A. Resnik, Sally K. Ride, Francis R. Scobee, Margaret Rhea Seddon, Brewster H. Shaw, Jr, Loren J.Shriver, Robert L. Stewart, Kathryn D. Sullivan, Norman E. Thagard, James D. A. van Hoften, David M. Walker, Donald E. Williams

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Guion S. Bluford Daniel C. Brandenstein James F. Buchli Michael L. Coats Richard O. Covey

John O. Creighton John M. Fabian   





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